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2015 BJS Insurance Top Gun Shootout Update

BJS Insurance Top Gun Update 3rd October 2015

Just 3 weeks today (Sunday 25th October) and the show down between the top 19 LGC “gunslingers” will be decided.  Qualifying ends on Thursday the 22nd of October so just over two weeks to decide if you want to take part in this classic Shootout final.

The Course is nearly as good as it gets and the fairways are again a delight to play off and run is back, with the greens faster and true.

Some great scores are being recorded, consistently by some members of both genders, but alas, some haven’t entered Top Gun as yet.  New names on the leader board with Rod Hopcraft making the biggest leap this week.

Unfortunately the “pop gun” is struggling, my cork is hanging by a thread, eight rounds left to qualify….I Can do it… I will be there.


1 Maher Geoff 41
2 Clark Dylan 41
3 Brownlie Peter 40
4 Hopcraft Rod 40
5 Sorrell Tom 39
6 Smith Jon 39
7 Brown Rod 39
8 Gray Coral 38
9 Walsh Peter 38
10 Waters Peter 38
11 Schache Alan 37
12 Castwood Kevin 36
13 McCorkell Bryan 36
14 Hutton Bruce 36
15 Simon John 36
16 Poynton Dan 36
17 Cathie Bruce 35
18 Leaver Chris 35
19 Godridge Keith 34


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