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Month: March 2015

Stabrose – Tuesday 31 March 2015

39 Players
• Bec Thomas (5), John Payne (7), Ryan Thomas (22) and Lachie Thomas (34) 61 Pts
• 4th Nil
• 7th NIL
• 14th John Payne 3.9m
• 16th Joe Lowell 1.4m
DTL Balls
• Bob Smith, Ian Barlow, Bruce Gibson and Denis Hanna 59pts
• Ian Caine, Peter Waters, Bill Warren, and Kevin Scott 58 pts.

Ryan Thomas had an eagle 2 on the 3rd hole.

Leongatha Golf Club releases Strategic Plan 2015-19

copy-copy-LGC-logo_Web_150.pngIt is with pleasure that I can release Leongatha Golf Club’s Strategic Plan 2015-19.

Over the past 12 months the Board of Management have been working very hard to produce a strategy that has relevance to our members and stakeholders, while also articulating a pathway of sustainability and embedding the principals of good governance within our club, sport and the wider South Gippsland community.

There are many people that need to be individually thanked for making this strategy come to life, particularly the current and former committees. I would like to say thank you to them for all the hard work and their commitment in making this strategy a reality.

The strategy is divided into seven priority areas and 46 actions with deliverable targets. The strategy will become part of the overall operating framework for Leongatha Golf Club, linking the clubs strategic direction with our members. This was one of the most important elements identified when developing our strategy and was considered to be one of the most fundamental requirements that the strategy should include.

This is an exciting time for Leongatha Golf Club and as you read through the strategy you will see that we have set the bar quite high on deliverables to our members and stakeholders in the coming years. I hope you all read our plan, be inspired a little and become an active member of the Leongatha Golf Club continuing to make it a great community sports club.

Download the Leongatha Golf Club Strategic Plan 2015-19

Download the Leongatha Golf Club 2014 Member Survey Results


Dan's signature

Dan Poynton
Vice President
Leongatha Golf Club

South Gippsland Mens Pennant – Rd 3 Match Results

South Gippsland District Golf Association Men’s Pennant Rd 2 – Sunday 22 March 2015

The Leongatha Golf Club Men’s Pennant teams are sponsored by:

bcs-logo-RGB-small                        M&S-LOGO-HIGH-RES-FOR-SIGN

Division 1  – BYE

Division 2  @ Phillip Island GC Lost 1-6 Vs Lang Lang GC

Match Report by (Stand in) Captain: Russell Williams

Fortunately we were able to play three Division 1 players in our side due to their bye, however realising Lang Lang are the premier Division 2 side ,we tried to structure our side to advantage .

Unfortunately we went down 1-6 over the day, with some close finishes not falling our way.

Sparksy went to the 20th hole and was beaten by a 20 foot putt. Tom Sorell lost 2 down after a torrid struggle against his opponent off a handicap of 3. Barry Attwood and Russell Williams had the unenviable task of playing one and two against 2 handicappers and were beaten as you would expect. Peter Dowling put up a good tussle but was beaten on the last hole. Grant McRitchie forgot to take his meds early enough and unfortunately they didn’t take effect until too late.

The shining light was Rod McKenzie who comfortably beat the Lang Lang captain Nick De Hay and won the money .

A very social day with drinks going late into the afternoon with the Lang Lang boys .


  • Barry Attwood Lost
  • Russell Williams Lost
  • Tom Sorrell Lost 2Dn
  • Rod McKenzie Won
  • Peter Dowling Lost 1Dn
  • Anthony Sparkes Lost 20th
  • Grant McRitchie Lost

Division 3 @ Korumburra GC – Won 5-2 Vs Foster GC

Match Report by Captain: Chris Indian

Div3 had a very solid 5-2 win against Foster at Korumburra.

The team got off to a flyer with almost every match having us up at the turn.  Dan & Al tried hard to lose their matches – Dan from dormy 5up & Al from a bit less – I guess they both just wanted to walk up Webb’s Horror!!  After a couple of wild shots near the end of their respective matches, they’d say unlucky bounces & lies, they both managed to close it out 4&2.  Brendan & Chris had no desire to walk up Webb’s, and duly finished their matches early – they didn’t even walk it to support their team mates deciding to watch from the tee boxes!

Robert had another solid win, while John & Bryan got very close.

We have a big match in front of us after the Easter break against Korumburra that could ultimately decide whether we are in good shape for the final.


  • Brendan Simon Won 7&6
  • Allan Adcock Won 4&2
  • Dan Poynton Won 4&2
  • Chris Indian Won 6&5
  • John Dalton Lost 19th
  • Bryan McCorkall Lost 2&1
  • Robert Rumian Won 2&1

Division 4 @ Korumburra GC – Won 6-1 Vs Welshpool GC

Match Report by Captain: Andy Bassett

Division 4 Team won a thrilling contest against Meeniyan 5-2, a score which did not reflect the closeness of the competition. Junior Tim Boler again played solid golf and won getting up on the 17th hole 2&1. Mark Anderson powered home through the back nine to win 5&4 then Ryan “Rocky” Thomas had a break through win 4/2 which underlines the importance of giving the young guys continuing opportunities to develop.  Well done to Tim and Ryan (probably part of the 1st Div team in years to come).

Both Mark Boler and Peter Jaspers secured wins on the 19th holes after sea sawing first 18’s, especially Peter who came back from 4 down at the turn. These determined efforts secured our great team win.

Garry Peters put up a valiant effort, square at the 16th, but lost the 17 and ended 2 down. The Captain, me, I was at best ordinary, with my opponent Dave McIntyre giving me a spanking having me 8 down at the turn. I think he had 11 puts and 3 birdies on the front 9.  I felt like captain Francesco Schettino with a major disaster on my hands.  I managed to put together three wins to start the back 9 but I was on the rocks and my ship sank after a skinny bunker shot on the 14th, ending 6/4.


  • Gary Peters Lost 2Dn
  • Peter Jaspers Won 19th
  • Andy Bassett Lost 6&4
  • Ryan Thomas Won 4&2
  • Mark Boler Won 19th
  • Mark Anderson Won 5&4
  • Tim Boler Won 2&1

Results of the other matches and division ladders can be found on the South Gippsland District Golf Association website.

Super League – Round 3

Leongatha Golf Super League LogoRound 3 of Super League has seen the ladder take shape with Condors and Tom Titts both remaining undefeated.  They look like the teams to beat at this early stage.

  • Condors belted Hot shots 136 to 105, with Doug Clemann’s excellent 38 points on a wet and windy Tuesday being the star performance.
  • Tom Titts muscled their way past Royal Blues 140 to 133. Eagle man, Mick Thomas, lead the charge with 38 points.
  • Monthly medallist, Loris Clark, with a very fine 38 points helped Guys & Dolls to a narrow win over the unlucky Ace Eight – 143 to 138
  • Pitch Perfect scored their first win with a 136 to 131 victory over Tigers Wood.  Peter Brownlie’s 36 points the best for the winners while Dan Poynton’s hot steak continued with 38 points for losing team.
Played Won Drawn Lost Points For Points Against % Points
Condors 3 3 0 0 419 369 113.6 12
Tom Titts 3 3 0 0 427 380 112.4 12
Guys and Dolls 3 2 0 1 395 408 96.8 8
Pitch Perfect 3 1 0 2 411 404 101.7 4
Royal Blues 3 1 0 2 424 432 98.1 4
Tigers Wood 3 1 0 2 407 422 96.4 4
Ace Eight 3 0 1 2 411 425 96.7 2
Hot Shots 3 0 1 2 370 424 87.3 2


Results – Saturday 28th March

4BBB – Par   A. E. Edney Plate


  • Geoff Maher (22) / Mick Oliver (25)        +8

Super Comp

  • John Feddersen / Max Kavenagh            +7


  • 4th Hole         Gordon Morrison            6.3m
  • 7th Hole        Rod Brown                        6.8m
  • 14th Hole      Doug Clemann                  3.58m
  • 16th Hole       Ken Wardle                      1.0m

Balls Down the Line

  • John Feddersen / Max Kavenagh             +7
  • Ken Wardle / Bruce Hutton                       +6
  • Peter Hart/ Will Norden                             +6
  • Chris Leaver / Peter Hartigen                    +6
  • Dan Poynton / Tom Sorrell                         +6
  • David Forbes / Henry Sedelies                  +6
  • John Eabry / Bryan McCorkell                   +6


  • Geoff Maher / Mick Oliver   (1)
  • John Feddersen / Max Kavenagh   (2)
  • Ken Wardle / Bruce Hutton   (3)
  • Peter Hart/ Will Norden   (4)


Stableford – Thursday 26th March

Winner A Grade (0-19) : Michael Thomas (3) 38 pts

B Grade (20+): Ron McCann (25) 36 pts C/b

NTPs: 4th Peter Brownlie (7.5m)        7th: Mick Thomas (7.6m)

14th: Kevin Castwood (3.8m)   16th Peter Hartigan (2.5m)


DTL Balls:

Fred deBondt 37

Geoff McDonald 37

Peter Waters 36

Merv Stubbs 36

Richard Nelson 36

Al Sperling 35

Col Sperling 35

Geoff Maher 35

Jim Arnott 35

Peter Hartigan 34 (C/B from 4 others)


Mick Thomas had an eagle 2 on the 3rd hole

Results – Wednesday 25 March

Ladies Monthly Medal – Stroke

Sponsored by House of Golf Pakenham and Cafe Tsunami
36 players


  • A Grade:  Sharyn Rayson 85/13/72 nett
  • B Grade & Medal:  Loris Clark 97/28/69 nett
  • C Grade:  Louise Schache 114/40/74 nett
  • Scratch Winner:  Sharyn Rayson 85
  • Putting Winner:  Wendy Parker 28 c/b


  • 14th:  Sharyn Rayson

DTL Balls: 

  • Julie Howard  74 nett
  • Coral Gray   74 nett
  • Marianne Leaver  75 nett
  • Joc Howson  76 nett
  • Deb Miller   76 nett
  • Colleen Touzel   76 nett
  • Wendy Parker   76 nett
  • Dot Stubbs   77 nett
  • Marea Maher  78 c/b

9 Hole Comp:  Stableford

12 players


  • Gwen Chapman  17pts c/b

DTL Balls: 

  • Kit Boag  17 pts
  • Noreen Williams  16pts c/b

Ladies Pennant Results Round 2



H. Fraser def D. Christie 3/1
T .West lost to A. Thorson 4/3
T.Owen Squared with I. Holm
S .Rayson def J. Trease 3/1
W. Parker def V.Park 3/1


D.Stubbs def F. LePage 4/2
M. Eabry def S. Hoskings 6/5
M. Findlay lost to D. Elliott 4/3
D. Williams def L. Brown 8/7
C .Touzell def T .Thorson 7/6

P .Pease lost to D. Andrews 2/3
J .Howson lost to G .Longshaw 2/3
J .Howard def M.Frith 2 up
C. Gray def R. Bailey 4/2
M. Maher lost to P. Rothfield 3/2

D. Miller def S. Van Gaal 6/4
S .Welsford def M. Hams 1 up
L.Clark def S. Purser 1 up
G. McRobert def C. Carrigy 2 up
S .Woods def C. Lynch 2/1


Well done girls, keep up the good work.

Loris Clark – Pennant Manager

Results Tuesday 24th March

Men’s Stableford


  • Doug Clemann (11) 38 Points


  • 4th: Fred De Bondt (1.7m)
  • 7th: Nil
  • 14th: Jon Smith (1.4m)
  • 16th: Grant McRitchie (2.1m)


DTL Balls:

  • Allan Schache 36
  • Ray Burton 36
  • Jon Smith 35
  • Frank Smedley 35
  • Peter Seth 35
  • Denis McDonald 35
  • Peter Hartigan 34
  • Dave Vorwerg 34
  • Ron McCann 34

South Gippsland Pennant – Rd 2 Match reports

South Gippsland District Golf Association Men’s Pennant Rd 2 – Sunday 22 March 2015

The Leongatha Golf Club Men’s Pennant teams are sponsored by:

bcs-logo-RGB-small                        M&S-LOGO-HIGH-RES-FOR-SIGN

Division 1 @ Phillip Island GC – Lost 1-6 Vs Woorayl GC

Match Report by Captain: Peter Rayson

Round 2 saw the welcome return of Tom Sorrell playing in the number one position for the first time with Peter Dowling, Dean Brown and Ian Murchie also having a game in the ones.  Tom came within a whisker of a win with vital puts on 16 & 17 shaving the hole but refusing to drop and saw him losing on the 18th in a very tight contest with Dale Burge. Ian was our salvation on the day winning another tight match on the 19th against seasoned campaigner Michel Grist. Following up his win last year and now  standing at 2 from 2 Ian is sending a clear message to the selectors for consideration for a regular spot.

The rest fell away in a tough day on the course. The two other matches on the day all finished in 6-1 results with last years winners Meeniyan crashing against Wonthaggi, and a new look squad from Lang Lang triumphant over Korumburra.

Next week sees our club hosting Div 1 with last years finalists Lang Lang and Meeniyan playing each other. We now have a two week rest to regroup again before tackling  Lang Lang at Meeniyan. We will need to be at our very best against a very strong line up and with all players committed to playing their games we can ask for no more.


  • Tom Sorrell Lost 1 Dn
  • Chris Leaver Lost 7&6
  • Rod McKenzie Lost 4&3
  • Peter Dowling Lost 2&1
  • Peter Rayson Lost 4&2
  • Dean Brown Lost 8&7
  • Ian Murchie Won 19th

Division 3 @ Foster GC – Won 7-0 Vs Aussie Golf Ranch

Match Report by (stand in) Captain: Brendan Simon
The Division 3 team had a solid 7-0 win against a feisty Aussie Golf Ranch.  Though the win looked easy on the score card, 4 matches were still up for grabs heading down the final two holes, with the potential to still lose the day.  All players were giving away 7 or 8 shots (54 in total) with the first 3 shots all being on par 3 holes, right in the comfort zone of the Ranchers, which was challenging to say the least.

Robert, Colin and Dan had solid wins, with an honourable mention to Dan after being 4 down nearing the turn.  Grant and Brendan breathed a sigh of relief after sealing their matches on the penultimate and ultimate holes respectively, while John and Allan held their nerves to grind out wins on the 19th hole.

Well done lads.  The (missing in action) captain Chris Indian was pleased to hear the final result.


  • Brendan Simon Won 2up
  • Grant McRitchie Won 2&1
  • Allan Adcock Won 19th
  • Dan Poynton Won 3&2
  • Colin Bear Won 3&2
  • John Dalton Won 19th
  • Robert Rumian Won 3&2

Division 4 @ Korumburra GC – Won 6-1 Vs Welshpool GC

Match Report by Captain: Andy Bassett
Div. 4 continued its good form (fueled by a powerful pep talk -not a peptide) with a win over Welshpool 6/1.

The lost game went to a play off down the 19th hole after Ryan “The Rock” Thomas had come back from three down to square on the 18th. Ryan was just a putt away from claiming his first pennant scalp and is not far away.  The team also called on junior Tim Boler to fill a gap and he led the team off and came in with a great win 4/3, an effort particularly worrying for dad Mark Boler who was down after the first nine holes and could see a son-father talk happening after the game if he didn’t pull his socks up.

Newbie pennant members Mark Anderson and Peter Jaspers nailed good wins as did “Rusty” Garry Peters, back to golf after 7 months.

On a sad note, Welshpool players were wearing black armbands in memory of their Club President Pat Carroll who died suddenly during the week.


  • Gary Peters Won 2&1
  • Peter Jaspers Won 2&1
  • Andy Bassett Won 4&3
  • Ryan Thomas Lost 19th
  • Mark Boler Won 4&3
  • Mark Anderson Won 4&3
  • Tim Boler Won 4&3

Results of the other matches and division ladders can be found on the South Gippsland District Golf Association website.

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