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2016 Esplanade Hotel Super League Final Result

With the Cats holding a 4 shot lead going into the final day yesterday (leading 133 to 129), the Hawks certainly had the job ahead of them to match their score.  They tried hard, but failed to do that. Only Jon Smith and Ian Watson  were able to improve on their previous scores for the Hawks, and they posted a final team score of 131.

The Cats put the issue beyond doubt by having Doug Clemann post a 33 to take them to 135, and Colin Bear rubbed salt into the Hawk’s wounds by then cruising around for another 33 to give the Cats a final team score of 138! Well done Cats, you performed well when it counted – in the final!!!

The Final scoreboard was as follows:

Hawks Jon Smith 31 || 33 Doug Clemann Cats
Toni West 30 || 34 Wendy Parker
Joe Lowell 34 || 33 Colin Bear
Jan Brownlie 34 || 28 Coral Gray
Keith Godridge 26 || 29 Neale Gillin
Peter Waters 30 || 38 Ian Barlow
Ian Watson 32 || George Misson
Paul Luck 29 || 30 Jim Arnott
Best 4 131 || 138 Best 4

Congratulations also go to Ian Barlow who posted the best score in the final by far, with a fine 38 points! In fact, Ian posted the best 2 scores of the final by also posting a 35 point score after he had dropped a shot in handicap! Ian wins a Voucher from the Esplanade Hotel Inverloch for his fine effort.

We remind you that we will be having a cerebratory dinner at the club this coming Friday 24th June to celebrate the completion of the 2016 Esplanade Hotal Super League. We hope to see you all at the event! In addition to the winners and runners up receiving their prizes, the Col and Nancy Sperling Awards, for the best Male and Female players of the regular season will be announced.

Finally, our thanks go to Dylan Clark of the Esplanade Hotel Inverloch for generously sponsoring the event this year. The vouchers Dylan provided were used to reward the best player from each of the 7 regular season rounds, and the 2 finals rounds and added significant interest to the event.

Thanks also go to George Misson who helped me keep the scores during the event. It is not a simple matter to keep tabs on 64 players during the regular season, particularly when they play as often as Wendy Parker did! George missed the final due to work commitments, but I can assure you kept a close eye on proceedings, emailing me regulalry duing the past fortnight.

We hope that you enjoyed the event. We plan to make this, and Top Gun regular events at the Club, but need your continuing support to do so. We plan to run Super League earlier in the year next year, probably from March to May, so that we can have it completed in good weather.

Peter Waters

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