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2016 Esplanade Hotel Super League Round 2 Results

Hi All,


With today’s Men’s and Women’s events being 4BBB par events, this round’s scores were posted from the competitions held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The following results were recorded:

Cats 137 (Doug Clemann 38, Wendy Parker 36) def Dogs 136 (Jeff Brewer 37, Andy Bassett 35)
Tigers 141 (Bruce Cathie 38, Fred deBondt 36, Marg Griffiths 35) def Pies 137 (Andrew Smith 37, Denis Wallace 35)
Hawks 139 ( Jon Smith and Paul Luck 36) def Saints 134 (Barry Stevens 37, Chris Leaver 35)
Demons 124 (Ted Bruinewoud 35, Peter Hobson 33) def Blues 120 (Frank Smedley 36, Bob Smith 34)

Esplanade Hotel Player of the Round winner: Doug Clemann 38 on count back from Bruce Cathie.

It was good to see two of our female players – Wendy Parker and Marg Griffiths- posting good scores for their respectivce teams.

The ladder after 2 rounds: Cats, Hawks and Tigers 2 wins, Dogs and Demons 1 won each, Blues, Pies and Saints 0 wins.


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