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2016 Esplanade Hotel Super League

Leongatha Golf Super League Logo Esplanade Hotel

Following last year’s successful introduction of Super League to our Golfing calendar, we are again running the event this year. The Club has been fortunate to secure a “Naming Rights Sponsor” for the event in the form of the Esplanande Hotel, Inverloch. Thanks to Dylan Clark for this generous support for our club.

The following gives some details about the event:

2016 Leongatha Golf Club Esplanade Hotel Super League      

What is it?

The Esplanade Hotel Super League is a teams-based competition open to all Leongatha Golf Club members who have playing rights at the club.   With 8 teams comprising 8 players each, you and your team mates will play against each of the other 7 teams over 7 rounds of “home and way” matches.  With finals at the end of the season you have the chance to be a member of the premiership team.

The competition is based on your regular games of golf, you won’t need to change your normal golfing routine but now you will have 7 team mates who will hope you have a good day on the golf course.  For each round the best 4 scores from your team will be in competition to the 4 best scores from your opposing team for that round.

How are teams formed?

To even out the teams they will be formed via a supervised “draft” from the pool of entrants by a random draw, making sure that each team has at least two men and two women or juniors and that high and low handicappers are evenly distributed throughout them. Of course, depending on the number of entrants the number of teams and the number of players per team can vary so that everyone is able to participate.

How it works?

A draw will be established before the start of the season, with each round of the competition normally played over a weekly period, commencing Monday. The organising committee reserves the right to extend a round period past 1 week should bad weather, unplayable course conditions, or type of competitions played dictate the need to do so. Your results from the weekly stroke, par, stableford or 4 ball aggregate LGC competitions will be converted to a stableford score. You might play more than once during the round period to help maximise your team’s score.  The best four scores for your team will be your team score and it will be compared with your opponent team score.  The team with the highest total wins. In the event that 4 eligible scores are not posted by a team within the match period, scores will be added to your team score that match the lowest score posted by any Super League competitor during the match period. Points for each match will be awarded along AFL lines and a ladder will be kept with the four top teams playing off in a final series after the 7 round “home and away” season is finished. The ladder will be displayed in the clubhouse so you can see how your team has fared and see who the weekly stars are in your team.

What are the prizes?

Prizes will be awarded to the premiership team ($40 to each member) and the runners-up ($20 to each member).  There will also be Brownlow Medal-type prizes, for 2016 called the Col and Nancy Sperling Awards ($30 each) to the male and female players who poll the most votes throughout the regular season. A Norm Smith-type prize of $30 to the person who posts the highest score of the Grand Final will also be awarded.

In addition to the above prizes, the player posting the highest score in each round will be awarded a $30 Esplanade Hotel voucher. If 2 or more players post the highest score in a round the winner will be decided by count back.

Is there a cost and how do I enter?

It costs $10 to become a Super League player. Please ensure you name is added to the registration sheet in the Proshop and that you have paid the entry fee before the Super League season starts. Entries close at 5pm Wednesday 30th March.

When is Super League being played?

The first round of Super league will be played in the week commencing Monday 4th April.  The grand final will be completed by mid June. So good luck to you and your team!!!

The organizing committee reserves the right to adjudicate on any issue that may arise during the running of the event.

Further information can be obtained from Colin Bear or Peter Waters.

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