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Month: September 2016


As the fairways begin to dry out, the run is coming back to the Course.  Many very good under par scores are being recorded at the moment and with that, the Top Gun Top 19 field is in continuous motion as  players drop out and others climb the ranking.

It’s good to see the recent excellent results obtained by Marea Maher and Karen Bear to climb back into the Top 19, joining  Coral Gray.

The minimum qualifying score for the Top Gun final at the moment has risen to 35 points with a back nine score of 21.

As always, some of the better scores recorded don’t belong to registered Top Gun players.  So if you are one of those playing well at the moment, remember it’s never too late to join up.  Do so before you hit the next great qualifying score.

Position Surname First Name Best Score
1 Waters Peter 40
2 Hughes Norm 39
3 McLennan John 39
4 Smith Andrew 39
5 Maher Geoff 39
6 Brown Rod 39
7 Clemann Doug 38
8 Cathie Bruce 38
9 Maher Marea 38
10 Murchie Ian 37
11 Gray Coral 37
12 Hams Craig 37
13 Hutton Bruce 37
14 Gill Frank 37
15 Bear Karen 37
16 Wallace Denis 37
17 Edney Allan 36
18 Bear Colin 36
19 Baker Ian 35

Final of the Hyland Cup -Thursday 22/9/2016

Thursday the 22nd Sept. saw the final of this year’s Hyland Cup, Leongatha Golf Club’s Men’s Handicap Matchplay competition.

From the original 39 entrants, the final was a contest between Barry Stevens and Colin Bear.

The front nine was shared and both players tested each other out with some great golf. Colin then won the long par 4 -11th hole to be one up. They then halved the 13th and 14th. 

 Barry put his drive from the 15th tee into the trees on the dogleg and had to chip out sideways, and Colin played down the middle and won the hole to put him 2 up with 3 to play and looking like a winner.

On the tricky par 3- 16th hole, Barry put his tee shot to within 1 metre of the pin, while Colin was off the green to the right. Colin got his ball up and down for a par, but Barry sank his birdie putt to cut the lead to 1 down.

The 17th saw both players about 20-30 m short of the green for two. Colin used his Texas wedge to putt his ball within about 5 metres of the flag and two putted. Barry chipped, finishing closer to within 1 metre of the flag. Again Barry sank a lovely putt to win the hole and square the contest. At this stage the golf was first rate and worthy of the Hyland Cup final but the pressure was building on both players.

Then came the 18th hole.  Both players hit good drives to the right of the fairway, before Colin hit a long second shot to an ideal position left onthe fairway at the dogleg leaving a perfect approach position to the green. Barry pulled his second shot right and short of the corner and could only chip his third shot past the corner and his ball came to rest behind the bunker. 

Barry then skinnied his chip shot over the bunker and through the green towards the clubhouse quite some distance from the green and was in trouble.

Colin was a chip and a putt away from taking out the Hyland Cup. He played his pitch shot towards the green but came up short and put his ball in the bunker left of the front of the green.Unfortunately for Colin, he took four shots to get out the bunker and make the green.

Barry is not one to miss a second chance, and played a great chip shot up the embankment and finished within a metre of the hole, so Colin conceded the match to Barry. That’s what we love about matchplay, it’s not over until it’s over.

But a great contest between two good golfers resulted in a win on the 18th for Barry Stevens.  Well done to Barry, Colin and all those who played in this years Hyland Cup.

Hyland Cup 2016

Colin Bear (left) congratulates his opponent and winner of the 2016 Hyland Cup, Barry Stevens.

Mark Edwards Thursday Championships Update.

Thursday 22 Septembr 2016 was the second round of the Mark Edwards Thursday Championships. Played in very pleasant weather conditions,  the Course seemed to beat us up yesterday despite the odd cheer echoing across the valley from some distant green, where a birdie putt or chip was holed.

Merv Stubbs and Craig Hams recorded their best rounds and the best rounds for the day, each with 37 points followed closely behind by Ian Murchie and Alan Edney, each with 36 points.

I’m sure there were plenty of players who crafted a very solid first round, and who turned out to play with high hopes of emulating that feat, but are today thinking about yesterday’s lost opportunities.

The current Leader Board for the top 10:

Surname FirstName Score Score Score Rank
HAMS CRAIG 34 37 71 1
Luck Paul 37 34 71 2
Moor John 37 33 70 3
Bassett Andrew 34 34 68 4
Mc Lennan John 39 29 68 5
Murchie Ian 32 36 68 6
Maher Geoffrey 39 28 67 7
Baker Ian 35 31 66 8
Hobson Peter 32 34 66 9
Smith Andrew 34 32 66 10

But don’t let yesterday deter you from giving it another big go next Thursday, our final round.

History shows us that in 2013 Mike Gordon clinched the Thursday Championshp with a first two round total of 72 without playing a third round.  He narrowly beat Ray Burton (71) who came home on the last round with 35 points.

In 2014, Norm Hughes finished his third round with a 37 points to win with a two round total of 75, two shots clear of fast finishing Andy Bassett with 39 and Geoff McDonald with 37 points.

In 2015, Peter Waters hit 33 points on his third round to match Dylan Clark’s two round total of 71. Unfortunately for Dylan who couldn’t play a third round, his first round of 41 points (best score of the Championship) was supported by a 2nd round card of 30 points and Peter won the Championship on countback after having the better 2nd card score.

Whilst I have included the Top 10 – two round scores as of yesterday for your information, beneath this list are another 38 players who have a single round total of  32 points or better. Since the best score to date had been a round of 39 points, any one of these 48 players could grab a Championship victory without breaking the best single score round to date.

There’s another 25 players who have single round scores of 31 points or less and any one of those players could also snatch victory by crafting this years Championship best single round score of 40 points or higher.  I’m getting giddy just thinking of  the possibilities.

In other words, it’s never over until it’s over.  I hope to see all  73  other Thursday Championship challengers out on on the course next Thursday for the final round.  Good Luck.


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