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Round Six (6) Invy Espy Hotel Super League Results

There was movement at the station as the players made a run for home in the second last home and away round for this season.

Wombats 134 calmly held onto top spot with a 3 point win over Kookaburras 131 which knocked them out of the top four.

Rosellas 148 had a big win over Platypuses 113 to move themselves up into second place

Second from the bottom and winless to this round, Koalas 137 rolled over Possums 133 and in turn moving Possums from second place into third.

Bottom team Echidnas 140 have left their run a bit late with their first win of the season over Kangaroos 124, and in turn moving Kangaroos from third place into fourth.

This weeks round has some interesting match ups, and could see some considerable movements in the top 5 places  1 Vs 3       2 Vs 4        5  Vs 8.

Round Six (6) Winner of the ROD BROWN Best & Fairest was Max Hyde with a great score of 41 Points.


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