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Month: April 2021

Thursday Invy Espy Stableford 29/4/2021

Overall Winner: Fred De Bondt with a score of 41 points

A-Grade Winer: Peter Clingin with 36 points on a countback

B-Grade Winner: Philip Edwards with 39 points

C-Grade Winner: Paul Luck with 40 points

Congratulations to Michael Thomas on his hole in one on the 14th

Click here for the full prize report

Tuesday Stableford 27/4/2021

A-Grade Winner: Nath Wardle with 42 points
A-Grade Runners-up: Christopher Leaver with 40 points

B-Grade Winner: Garry Friend with 38 points on a countback
B-Grade Runners-up Tim Hogan with 38 points

C-Grade Winner: Hugh Goodman with 39 points
C-Grade Runners-up: Brian Fennessy with 35 points

Click here for the full prize report

Saturday Ambrose Competition 24/4/2021

Overall Winners: Warren Turner, Marcus Luscombre, Anthony Hill, Anthony Hanily with a score of 53.5

Overall Runners-up: Garry Rotteveel, Mark Angelucci, Malcolm Gin, Elliot Gin with a score of 56.375

Special Congratulations to Russell Williams for his Eagle on 3

Click here for the full prize report

April 18th & 19th Pennant

This Weekend our Men’s & Women’s Pennant teams played off around the region again, with two teams coming away with the win. The results are as followed:

Men’s Division 1: Leongatha Lost to Lang Lang 1 to 6
Men’s Division 3: Leongatha Defeated Lang Lang 5 to 2
Men’s Division 5: Leongatha Lost to Welshpool 2 to 5
Click on each Division Titles for the breakdown.

Women’s Division 1: Leongatha Lost to Phillip Island 1 to 4
Women’s Division 2: Leongatha Lost to Korumburra 1½ to 3½
Women’s Division 3: Leongatha Defeated Wonthaggi 4 to 1
Click here for the break down of all the Women’s Divisoins

April Monthly Medal April 18

Yesterday saw 101 players battle it out for the April Monthly Medal

Monthly Medal Winner Matthew Hilderbrand with a great score of 65 Nett

A-Grade Runner Up: Chris Naylor with 68 Nett

B-Grade Winner: Andrew Henley with 66 Nett

B-Grade Runner Up: Troy Williams with 71 Nett

C-Grade Winner: Sam Forrester with 67 Nett

C-Grade Runner Up: Tim Hogan with 70 Nett

D-Grade Winner: Bradley Pulham with 69 nett

D-Grade Runner Up: John Belli with 73 Nett

Click Here for the fill Prize Report

Tuesday Stableford 14/4/2021

A-Grade Winner: Ron Findlay with 39 points on a countback
A-Grade Runners-up: Nath Wardle with 39 points

B-Grade Winner: Jon Smith with 35 points
B-Grade Runners-up: Kevin Michel with 34 points on a countback

C-Grade Winner: Alan Sperling with 38 points
C-Grade Runners-up: Timothy Hogan with 37 points

Click here for the full prize report

South Gippsland Pennant 11th of April

This week we saw our Men’s and Women’s Pennant team playoff in striking fashion across the region, with some teams pulling away with a win.

The results were:

Division 1 Men’s: Leongatha Defeated Woorayl 4 to 3
Division 3 Men’s: Leongatha defeated Woorayl 5 to 2
Division 5 Men’s: Leongatha defeated Woorayl 4 to 3

Click here for the Men’s Full results

Division 1 Women’s: Foster Defeated Leongatha 3½ to 1½
Division 3 Women’s: Leongatha Defeated Foster 4 to 1

Click here for the Women’s Full results

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