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Month: April 2022

Wednesday Competitions 27/4/2022

18 Hole Par competition

A-Grade Winner: Anne Gibson at +4
A-Grade Runners-up: Kay Dumbleton at +2

B-Grade Winner: Anne Bowd at +3 on a countback
B-Grade Runners-up: Jill Moor at +3

NTP 14th: Lianne Adamson at 5.5m
NTP 16th: Maryanne Gartner 3.06m

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9 Hole Stableford Competition

Overall Winner: Lesley Renwick with 16 points

Tuesday Stableford 26/4/2022

A-Grade Winner: Dean Kellett with 35 points
A-Grade Runners-up: Keith Finney with 33 points on a countback

B-Grade Winner: Michael Hill with 37 points
B-Grade Runners-up: Geoffrey Linguey with 34 points on a countback

NTP 14th: Craig Hutchinson at .88m
NTP 16th: Keith Finney at 3.55m

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Saturday PAR Results – 23/04

A Grade: Winner – John Ryan // Runner Up: Jamie Grenville

B Grade: Winner – Paul Deery // Runner Up: Barry Attwood

C Grade: Winner – Frank Gill // Runner Up – Ron Findlay

D Grade: Winner – Jane Brownlie // Runner Up: Lynda Bassett

NTP 14th: Matthew Hilderbrand at .81m
NTP 16th: Mark Anderson at 1.96m

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Wednesday Stableford April 20

We had 32 ladies in our 18 hole Stableford

Congratulations to Beverly Reinhart with 36 points for winning in her return to 18 hole competition golf!

A-Grade Runner-Up: Abbey Bull with 35 points

B-Grade Winner: Robin Smith with 34 points

B-Grade Runner-Up: Neryl Hopcraft with 33 points

Full Prize Report

Our 9 hole competition saw Jenny Fraser take out the win with 19 points

Full Prize Report

Easter Saturday Stableford 16/4/2022

A-Grade Winner: Josh Sakareassen with 37 points
A-Grade Runners-up: Chad Clasby with 36 points on a countback

B-Grade Winner: Ryan Thomas with 44 points
B-Grade Runners-up: Doug Clemann with 39 points on a countback

C-Grade Winner: Matthew Darmanin with 43 points
C-Grade Runners-up: Nick Shaw with 42 points

D-Grade Winner: Robert Brownlee with 44 points
D-Grade Runners-up: Gerald Freestone with 38 points

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NTP 14: Mark Lafferty at 1.9m
NTP 16: Josh Sakareassen at .19m

Tuesday Stableford 12/4/2022

A-Grade Winner: Bob Mcgeary with 38 points on a countback
A-Grade Runners-up: David forbes with 38 points

B-Grade Winner: John Mcinnes with 43 points
B-Grade Runners-up: Peter Stivic with 37 points

C-Grade Winner: Gerald Freestone with 38 points
C-Grade Runners-up: Ian Barlow with 37 points on a countback

NTP 14th: Peter Stivic at 4m
NTP 16th: Ian Murchie at 2m

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Saturday Stableford

Saturday saw 73 golfers enjoy wonderful conditions for golf

A-Grade Winner: Trevor Rickard with 39

A-Grade Runners Up: Rebecca Thomas with 38

B-Grade Winner: Wayne Keen with 36

B-Grade Runners Up: Peter Brownlie with 35

C-Grade Winner: Andy Bassett with 38

C-Grade Runners Up: Lynda Bassett with 37 C/B

NTP 14th: Rebecca Thomas 1.3m

NTP 16th: Ross Mcrobert 2.6m

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Wednesday Competition 7/4/2022

Monthly Medal Winner: Lianne Adamson with a score of 71 on a countback

A-Grade Winner: Lianne Adamson with 71

B-Grade Winner: Patricia Owen with 73

C-Grade Winner: Fay Quilford Lianne Adamson with 71

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18 Hole Stableford

Overall Winner: Karen De Groot with 35 points

9 Hole Competition

Overall Winner: Michelle Roberts with a score of 18 points

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