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2023 Club Championships Winners

Well done to all those who competed in our 2023 Club Championships & a big congratulations to all those who won thier respective grades.

Overall Womens Club Champion Rebecca Thomas & Overall Men’s Club Champion Michael Thomas


2023 Men’s Club Champion: Michael Thomas

2023 Men’s B-Grade Champion: Daniel Carcour

2023 Men’s C-Grade Champion: Jeffery Brewer

Men’s Gross

2023 Men’s D-Grade Champion: Richard Harper

Men’s D-Grade Gross

2023 Men’s Senior Scratch Champion: Trevor Rickard

Men’s Senior Scratch

2023 Men’s R E Cameron Nett Champion: Jeffery Brewer

Men’s R E Cameron Nett


2023 Junior Club Champion: Beau Elkin

Junior Championship


2023 Women’s Club Champion: Rebecca Thomas

2023 Women’s B-Grade Champion: Patricia Owen

2023 Women’s C-Grade Champion: Robin Smith

Women’s Gross

2023 Women’s D-Grade Champion: Delia Perry

Women’s D-Grade Gross

2023 Women’s Senior Scratch Champion: Patricia Owen

Women’s Senior Scratch

2023 Women’s D M Stubbs Best Nett Champion: Karen Murchie

Women’s D M Stubbs Best Nett

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