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Month: February 2023

A.E. Edney 4BBB Par Qualifier

Today we had 98 golfers take to the course for the A.E Edney 4BBB Par qualifier event

Winners: Grant McRitchie & Ian Debenham with +12

Runners-Up: Todd Lomax & William Blundy +11

3rd Place: Bryan Roylance & Nick Shaw with +10

NTP 14: Phil Strike with 2m

NTP 16: Bryan McCorkell with 1.8m

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The knockout draw is as follows:

Grant McRitchie & Ian Debenham vs Marcus Luscombe & Tyrone Zukovskis


Todd Lomax & William Blundy vs Bryan Roylance & Nick Shaw

Our winning pair of Grant McRitchie & Ian Debenham

Thursday Stableford 23/2/2023

A-Grade Winner: Michael Westaway with 40 points
A-Grade Runners-up: John Mcinnes with 39 points

B-Grade Winner: Roy Kleverkamp with 38 points on a countback
B-Grade Runners-up: Ross Mcrobert with 38 points

C-Grade Winner: Joe Lowell with 42 points
C-Grade Runners-up: Bradley Hines with 35 points

D-Grade Winner: Jim Haydon with 40 points
D-Grade Runners-up: Micheal Street with 38 points

NTP 14th: Graham Fitton at 4.37m
NTP 16th: John Mcinees at 165cm

Congratulations to Michael Westaway for his Eagle on the 3rd

Click here for the full prize report

Tuesday Stableford, 21/2/2023

Today we had 52 players compete in our Stableford event.

Grade-A Winner: Peter Stivic with a score of 37.

Grade-A Runner-Up: Neale Gillin with a score of 35.

B-Grade Winner: Michael Street with a score of 39 on a countback.

B-Grade Runner-Up: Neil Mackenzie with a score of 39.

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Annual Tournament – Day 4 – February 19

The Kit Boag Canadian Foursomes is always a very pleasant Sunday and a great way to wrap up the Leongatha Golf Club Annual Tournament. With a field of 44 players, the event was held in superb conditions.

Winners: Kent Hams & Rebecca Thomas with 68.25 Nett

Runners-Up: Hugh Goodman & Glenda Knowles with 73.375 Nett

3rd Place: Colin Bear & Karen Bear with 73.875 Nett

Men’s NTP 14th: Peter Hart with 9.8m

Women’s NTP 16th: Rebecca Thomas with 56cm

Men’s NTP 16th: Ian Flemming with 3.9m

Left-Right: Kent Hams, Rebecca Thomas, Hugh Goodman, Glenda Knowles, Colin Bear, Karen Bear

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Annual Tournament – Day 3 – February 18

Day 3 of our annual tournament saw 92 players enjoy suburb golfing weather although scoring proved to be difficult.

Overall Winner: Elizabeth Halpin with 38 points

Women’s Runner-Up: Lynne Hart with 34 points

A-Grade Winner: Patrick Mcdonald with 35 Points

A-Grade Runner-Up: Peter Langford with 35 points

B-Grade Winner: Gary Mcgrath with 36 points

B-Grade Runner-Up: John Ryan with 36 points

C-Grade Winner: Nicholas Byrne with 37 points

C-Grade Runner-Up: Gerald Freestone with 36 points

Click Here for the full prize report

Annual Tournament – Day 2 – February 17

Day 2 of our Annual Tournament kicked off early today with an 8 am Shotgun start to avoid the heat of the day.

Today’s Ambrose event saw 100 golfers take to the course.

Our winners were the team of Mark Lindsay, Craig Magill, Phil Western & Daniel Dunn with a score of 53.875 Nett on a countback

Team Hopcraft finished as Runners-Up Neryl Hopcraft, Rodney Hopcraft, Mark Lafferty & Craig Hams on a score of 53.875 Nett.

3rd Place went to the team of Philip Witherow, Peter O’Donahoo, Callum McCaughan & Gordon Morrison with a score of 54.125 Nett.

Men’s NTP 14th: Norm Hughes with 1.1m

Womens NTP 16th: Fay Quilford with 7m

Men’s NTP 16th: Mark Lafferty with 2m

Click Here to view the full prize breakdown

Annual Tournament – Day 1 – February 16

Our annual tournament kicked off with excellent golfing weather, thank you to our Super Intendent Jimmy Jerry and the ground staff team for presenting the golf course in superb condition. Everything was set up for some excellent scoring.

Day 1 saw 90 players tee off in our 4BBB Stableford event.

Winners: Gerald Freestone & Lou Fuataga with a score of 46 points

Runners-Up: Andy Bassett & Ian Murchie with 46 points on a countback

3rd Place: Mark Lafferty & Rodney Hopcraft with 45 points

Best Mixed Team score: Jill White & Garry Shandley with 44 Points

Men’s NTP 14th: Ian Murchie with 1.5m

Womens NTP 16th: Glenyce Mcrobert with 18m

Men’s NTP 16th: Bruce Cathie with 2m

Click Here to view the full prize breakdown

2023 Club Championships Winners

Well done to all those who competed in our 2023 Club Championships & a big congratulations to all those who won thier respective grades.

Overall Womens Club Champion Rebecca Thomas & Overall Men’s Club Champion Michael Thomas


2023 Men’s Club Champion: Michael Thomas

2023 Men’s B-Grade Champion: Daniel Carcour

2023 Men’s C-Grade Champion: Jeffery Brewer

Men’s Gross

2023 Men’s D-Grade Champion: Richard Harper

Men’s D-Grade Gross

2023 Men’s Senior Scratch Champion: Trevor Rickard

Men’s Senior Scratch

2023 Men’s R E Cameron Nett Champion: Jeffery Brewer

Men’s R E Cameron Nett


2023 Junior Club Champion: Beau Elkin

Junior Championship


2023 Women’s Club Champion: Rebecca Thomas

2023 Women’s B-Grade Champion: Patricia Owen

2023 Women’s C-Grade Champion: Robin Smith

Women’s Gross

2023 Women’s D-Grade Champion: Delia Perry

Women’s D-Grade Gross

2023 Women’s Senior Scratch Champion: Patricia Owen

Women’s Senior Scratch

2023 Women’s D M Stubbs Best Nett Champion: Karen Murchie

Women’s D M Stubbs Best Nett

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