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Our Plans

The Leongatha Golf Club’s Strategic Plan 2021-2025, is a key document ensuring our club’s growth & sustainability into the future.

The Board re-commenced the process for development of a new plan in the latter part of 2020, with a review of our progress under the previous plan; consideration of preliminary work on a new plan undertaken by the previous Board; discussions with various stakeholders and a club-wide members’ survey. Under the guidance of an experienced external facilitator, planning workshops were also held in late 2020 and again earlier this year.

Attended by Board members and our General Manager, the purpose of the workshops was to identify and discuss the various challenges confronting the club and to agree on a number of key strategies which would set a path for our continued success and ensure our long term future as the benchmark golf club in Gippsland.

In finalising the plan, the Board has maintained a strict focus on the longer term development and success of all aspects of the golf club in order to ensure maximum value and enjoyment for members, guests and visitors as well as a fulfilling environment for our staff. Key aspects of the plan reflect a new approach in some areas of club operations, as well as course and facilities development. These signal an exciting future for our club.

This is an exciting time for Leongatha Golf Club and as you read through the strategy you will see that we have set the bar quite high on deliverables to our members and stakeholders in the coming years.

Download the Leongatha Golf Club Strategic Plan 2021-2025

Download the Leongatha Golf Club Strategic Plan 2015-19

Download Leongatha Golf Course Strategic Plan 2021

Leongatha GC Course Strategic Review Final 2017


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