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Amalgamation of Men’s and Women’s Golf Associations In South Gippsland

It was indeed a historic night for golf in South Gippsland at Woorayl Golf Club last night, Tuesday 17th October. At separate special general meetings of both the South Gippsland women’s and men’s golfing associations, a resolution to amalgamate women’s and men’s golf was unanimously passed. In doing so South Gippsland became the 14th of the 17 golfing districts in Victoria to amalgamate.

At the inaugural meeting of the newly amalgamated body – now known as South Gippsland Golf Incorporated – the following Office Bearers were deemed elected in accord with the new constitution as there was exactly the same number of nominees as positions available. What are the odds of that happening!

  • President: Irene Holm (Meeniyan)
  • Vice President: Bruce Hutton (Leongatha)
  • Secretary: Steve Rose (Korumburra)
  • Treasurer: Toni West (Leongatha)
  • Chairperson of Match: Chris Clements (Korumburra)
  • Ordinary Members: Lee Clements (Korumburra) and Denis Stanes (Wonthaggi?)


I take this opportunity on behalf of all members of LGC, to both congratulate and thank Toni and Bruce for nominating for these positions and accepting their election to them. We wish them well in their important roles.

The above Executive Committee is charged with the responsibility of guiding the direction of and fostering the sport of golf in our region, not the actual running of men’s and women’s golf events such as Pennant. No doubt they will be soon on the lookout for some “troops” to do the hackwork of running golf in this region within operational areas such as Marketing and Publicity, Electronic Media, Match Committees and Game Development. I urge you to consider volunteering to help if you feel you have the talents they require as it is important that we make this amalgamation a success and that we further the game of golf in this region.

As this amalgamation has only just taken place, you can expect little, if any change as to how men’s and women’s golf is run in district in the 2018 calendar year. However, it will be interesting to see just what developments and changes lie further ahead!

My thanks also go to Colleen Touzel for her work on the six-person steering committee that was formed to make this amalgamation happen. Having spent many hours in meetings of this committee with Irene, Lee and Denis, and knowing our “home grown” talent of Toni and Bruce, Colleen and I have every confidence that the new amalgamated association is in good hands.


Peter Waters, President

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