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Attention Super League Players

Round 3, presently being played, has been affected by some unfortunate scheduling of events that has left several Super League teams short of players posting scores so far:

  • Several men played Vets at Wonthaggi on Tuesday and Thursday’s event is an Ambrose. Saturday sees the completion of the McCaughan 4BBB Par event.
  • Similarly, some ladies were playing in the Cashin Trophy matchplay event yesterday and did not post an individual stableford score.

Given the shortage of scores in so far and in an attempt to have round 3 completed this week, we have decided to allow individual scores from the 4BBB events scheduled for Saturday. We note that there are many Super League players, both men and ladies playing on Saturday and we are hopeful that their individual scores will result in most, if not all teams having 4 players post a score by Saturday night. In addition to your team MiClub card, please collect an “old” Leongatha card for each Super League player and have a marker score your round as an individual par round. After your round on Saturday please put your individual card in the wooden scorecard box near the MiClub card reader.

Good scoring!!!

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