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BJS Insurance Top Gun Update -14 Sept 2017

Today Thursday the 14th September was supposed to be the first Round of the Thursday Championship however this stableford event was postponed due to the wet conditions of the Course which also prevented cart use.

What that means is another lost opportunity to improve on your best stableford score, to qualify for the BJS Insurance Top Gun Shootout in November.

Despite the recent wintery conditions there have been some big moves since my last update and they were from Tyler Marotti (39) closely followed by Denis Wallace (38).

The Top Qualifier’s at the moment are Chris Leaver and Tyler Marotti, both on 39 and the Men’s Captain is desperately hanging on to the 19th qualifying position with 32 points. So now’s as good as time as any to get in and knock off the Men’s Captain, all you need is a lazy 33 points.

See you on the Course and don’t forget to let me know when I’m out of the top 19. This weather doesn’t affect my play, I’m terrible all the time… but I have this saying which I repeat to myself  and share with you for next it’s raining ;

In any weather you will see us with a grin
Risking head and shin
If we’re behind then never mind
We’ll fight and fight and win

Many thanks again to BJS Insurance for their continuing support of this event.

         BJS INSURANCE TOP GUN UPDATE as of 14/9/2017
Position Surname First Name Best Score
1 Leaver Chris 39
2 Marotti Tyler 39
3 Baker Ian 38
4 Wallace Denis 38
5 Adamson Lianne 37
6 Cathie Bruce 37
7 Smith Andrew 37
8 Smith Jon 37
9 Roberts Antony 36
10 Bowey Matt 35
11 Castwood Kevin 35
12 Murchie Ian 35
13 Simon John 35
14 Bear Colin 34
15 Clemann Doug 33
16 Gill Frank 33
17 Maher Marea 33
18 McLennan John 33
19 Bassett Andy 32
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