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Hole 2

A semi-blind tee shot is up next.  A conservative approach to this hole will yield a good result.  The tee shot dog legs right.  A 200 metre tee shot will leave you facing an uphill approach to a well bunkered green.

Pro tip

The top of the crest of the hill gives you a view of the green around 175m from the tee. If you hug the right side you may be blocked by over hanging branches. The centre of the fairway would leave you around 145m to the green. Longer hitters should look to get the ball over the crest and onto the flat ground. Do not over shoot the fairway, or it’s trouble. The approach is straight up a steep hill and should be played to the left side of the green to avoid the deep right bunker. The green is traditionally hard so the ball will generally take a large hop once it hits the green. Overshooting the green will make for a tough return chip that will be fast and downhill.

Tee Metres Par Index
Black tee 321 4 14,30
Blue tee 312 4 14,30
Red tee 309 4 8,26,44
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