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D & N Webster Mixed American Foursomes Tuesday 1 Nov 2016

On a gusty spring day 19 teams competed in the D & N  Webster Mixed American Foursomes event. I witnessed some great golf from the eventual joint runners up, Dot and Merv Stubbs, no better than when Dot birdied the 10th by chipping in from 100 metres out.

The winners on the day were no strangers to success as a pair, with Rebecca Wilson and Glenn Marsham once again turning on some great golf to record a nett 70.875.

It was good to see sponsors of the day, Noreen and David Webster looking so well and we all thank them again for their long support of the Club, especially the running of this event.  The winners and runners up were presented with wines and chocolates and down the line teams received boxes of chocolates, but unfortunatley, the chocolates were all gone before they got down to 90.5.

Nearest the Pins:

Tony Roberts on the 14th (1.65m )                               3 Balls

Ross McRoberts on the 16th (4.55m)                           3 balls

For those who chose not to play in the Mixed event, we also ran a Stableford event as well and some very high scores were returned. (see the seperate post).

The Golf was complemented with a glass of champagne and a lovely lunch with the running of a number of Melbourne Cup Sweeps. A noisy crowd enjoyed the running of the Cup viewed on the big screen, certainly none more than Graham (“Roudy”) Spruzen who managed to pull the winner in three of the  nine sweeps.

I can say we had a terrific day and I highly recommend that you put this day on your ‘must do’ calander, for next year.


Pairing Gross Nett
1 Rebecca WILSON and Glenn MARSHAM 78 70.875
2 Glenyce MCROBERT and Ross MCROBERT 86 71.75
3 Dot STUBBS and Merv STUBBS 86 71.75
4 Wendy-anne PARKER and William NORDEN 86 72.5
5 Geoffrey MAHER and Marea MAHER 91 73
6 Rodney HOPCRAFT and Neryl HOPCRAFT 95 73.625
7 Jeannie ST ELLEN and Hal ST ELLEN 93 73.625
8 Rita DE BONDT and Doug CLEMANN 87 75.375
9 Anna DE BONDT and Allan EDNEY 95 77.375
10 Pat PEASE and Jon R SMITH 91 77.875
11 Jill STEER and Antony ROBERTS 102 79.5
12 Coralie BAKER and Ian BAKER 102 80.25
13 Frances O’BRIEN and Denis WALLACE 99 80.25
14 Colin MOYLE and Mandy MOYLE 105 81.75
15 Wendy BROWN and Rodney BROWN 96 82.125
16 Peter WATERS and Margaret GRIFFITHS 101 83
17 Gwen CHAPMAN and Bob BIRRELL 114 88.875
18 Lynda BASSETT and Andy BASSETT 113 90.5
19 Elizabeth SEEBECK and Trevor SEEBECK 122 95.75
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