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Dandenong Club “Grab a Lefty” Ambrose – Saturday 25th February 2016

The event was generously sponsored by the Dandenong Club (thanks to John King for arranging this). Four visitors from Long Island and three from Drouin joined our players in 16 teams.

63 Players

Winners: Trevor Steer, Graham Austin, Harvey Smith and Tom Carroll – nett 57.5

Runners Up: Kevin Castwood, David Forbes, Frank Smedley and Bill Bittleman – nett 58.125

Third: Brian Fennessy, Bert Borg, Rob Martin and Keith Godridge – nett 58.75


  • 4th:  John Payne 5.4m
  • 7th:  John Payne 0.94m
  • 14th:  Jeff Brewer 2.48m
  • 16th :  George Misson 2.10m

DTL Balls

  • Frank Gill, Joe Lowell, Peter Brownlie and Leroy Sharrock  – nett 58.875
  • Ian Baker, Kevin Scott, Steve Duffield and Hugh Goodman – nett 58.875
  • Trevor Seebeck, Peter Waters, John Simon and Henry Sedelies – nett 59
  • Peter Jaspers, Peter Walsh, Neil Mackenzie and Al Sperling – nett 59.875
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