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LGC Annual Tournament Stableford 19/2/2022

A-Grade Winner: Malcolm Gin with 38 Points

A-Grade Runner-Up: Tony Hicks with 36 points

A-Grade 3rd: Jamie Grenville with 36 points

B-Grade Winner: Steve Fisher with 38 points

B-Grade Runner-Up: Bruce Christison with 37 points

B-Grade 3rd: Patrick Mitchell with 35 points

C-Grade Winner: Simon Kaiserman with 38 points

C-Grade Runner-Up: Christopher Molan with 37 points

C-Grade 3rd: Richard Dowell with 36 points

Click Here for the full prize report

Women’s Winner: Rebecca Wilson with 35 points

Women’s Runner Up: Mandy Hamilton with 34 points

Women’s 3rd: Anne Larkin with 34 points

Click Here for the full Prize Report

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