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LGC Course Update – Friday 24/04/2020

Yesterday, Dylan and Denis were busy finishing off the secondary work which was generated out of the Greens Couch Reduction Program.  Whilst excavating the collar around each green to a depth of 100 mm, an enormous amount of soil rich in turf root, was removed and re-cycled by placing it around the light rough on a number of fairways, with the intention of rehabilitating those areas devoid of soil after years of heavy traffic, erosion or degradation.

During that period, Peter Seth had started the process of breaking this soil up with the rotary hoe, and yesterday work finished levelling the piles of soil, then rotary hoeing the soil into the rough, raking it level and seeding it with a  Dura Turf brand seed mixture appropriately called ” In the Rough”.  This mixture is a 50/50 blend of Merlot Creeping Fescue and Survivor Chewing Fescue…. sounds like a great place to graze on a Friday afternoon.  The area was finished off by compacting it using the Workmen vehicles.

The recovery will take some time as we are now entering the colder months when growth will be minimal, but we are hopeful that there is sufficient heat in the soil for the re-seeding to start germinating.

The areas being rehabilitated should ultimately please everyone, as not only will it improve the aesthetics of the Course, but the likely playing surfaces for a number of us.










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15th Fairway RHS light rough

15th Fairway 150 m mark corner

18th Fairway LHS

18th Fairway corner rough



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