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LGC Heritage Raffle – Drawn Thursday 20th December- Last Chance Reminder

Our Heritage raffle is drawn in 6 days time, no matter how many tickets are sold.  Proceeds will assist our History Committee to prepare facilities and our 100 years of  accumulated files, trophies, Boards and historical records, before we commence digitising the holdings so future generations can search on line and discover your connections, and our pioneers roles with the Leongatha Golf Club.

The prize’s are substantial and your odd’s of winning a great round of golf are pretty good.

 Heritage Raffle Prizes:
  • 1st Prize: Kingston Heath Golf Club, Kingston, Vic.  (Round for 4 players valued at $1100)
  • 2nd Prize: Spring Valley Golf Club, Clayton Vic. (Round for 4 players valued at $440)
  • 3rd Prize: Royal Hobart Golf Club, Hobart, Tas. (Round for 2 players valued $220)
  • 4th Prize: Patterson River Golf Club, Bonbeach, Vic (Round for 4 players valued $280)
  • 5th Prize: Flinders Golf Club, Flinders, Vic. (Round for 4 players & shared carts – valued $264)
  • 6th Prize: Leongatha Golf Club, Leongatha Sth, Vic. (Round for 4 players & shared carts- valued $260)
  • 7th Prize: Trafalgar Golf Club, Trafalgar, Vic. (Round for 4 players & shared carts- valued $180)
  • 8th Prize: Moe Golf Club, Moe, Vic. (Round for 4 players & shared carts-valued $170)
  • # Course access is limited to week days at some clubs.

Great courses all connected with our Course designer, H.V (Vern) Morcom, and great odds of winning a round.

$40/Ticket – 100 tickets only – Form a group and get in on these last days.

# Drawn: Thursday 20th Dec 2018 at LGC. Winners will be notified & results published online.

Drop in or Contact LGC for tickets on or on 03 5664 3314

Remember: What a great present for Christmas:

How else will we remember them?


Pro teaching kids to putt  

Architects plan for the future


16th from teeKit Boag & Brian Twite
Marie & Reg Hodges

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