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LGC Women’s Pennant 28th of Feb 2022

Section 1   Leongatha def Meeniyan 3/2    Foster def Phillip Island 3/2

Rebecca Thomas   def  Andrea Thorson  2/1     

Kay Dumbleton  lost to  Veronica Park  3/2

Melina Willder  lost to  Irene Holm  2/1

Colleen Touzel  def  Sheila Constantine  3/2

Trish Owen  def  Heather Poletti  5/3

Section 2    Bye

Section 3              Phillip Island def Leongatha 4/1   Korumburra def Foster 4/1

Marg Griffiths  lost to  Wendy Hopkins   2/1

Chris Lay  def  Jen Bilson  1 up

Sue Woods  lost  to  Ros Reid  3/1

Bron Debenham  lost to  Mary Taylor  3/1

Jenny Fraser  lost to  Marlene Gibson  3/2

All hard-fought close matches, congratulations to all players

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