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Men’s Pennant Team Captains

At a Men’s Committee meeting held yesterday the topic of who should Captain the three Pennant teams we have entered this year (Divisions 2, 3 and 4) was discussed.

It was decided that we should offer the positions to the following:

Divsion 2 Captain : Tom Sorrell

Division 3 Captain : Chris Indian

Division 4 Captain: Andy Bassett

I am delighted to announce that all three have accepted the offer of captaincy and have now been appointed. Chris and Andy are carryover captains from last year, but Tom Sorrell is new to the position. Congratulations to all three on their appointment!

You will note that we have adopted a policy of promoting our youth (apart from Andy!!) and hope that all male members of the club, particularly pennant players, will endorse this move and support them.

Pennant practice commenced on Wednesday 2nd March under John Payne’s expert coaching and will be held each Wednesday from now on. The Pennant season commences Sunday 20th March so if you are interested in playing pennant for us this season please get you name down on the entry sheet in the Clubhouse ASAP.

Peter Waters

Men’s Captain

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