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Mulligan’s Day Stableford- Thursday 7/12/2017

Mulligan’s Day is a Thursday Stableford event sponsored and promoted as a seriously fun day by the three amigo’s, Dr Bill Howson, Vet Antony Gedye and Agent Ross McRobert.  By purchasing Mulligan’s before you commence the round, you then have a bag full of  opportunities (up to 5 anyway) to replay a bad shot without further penalty.  A perfect solution to that shank, hooked drive, sliced approach or missed putt that ordinarily costs you points in an otherwise good round. This was the second year of the event and it continues to evolve into a super day.  The sponsors are keen to see more fun, challenges and rewards included in future events.

I can tell you that it takes all the worry, stress and cursing out of a round of golf and that was evidenced by some great scores, none better than 47 points scored by Andy Bassett who was playing with the delightful company of three women golfers, Jocelyn Howson, Else Gedye and Glenyce McRobert.  Some members suggested Andy may have forgotten that he was supposed to have been playing off the Blue markers and not with the Women off the Red.

A Grade was won by Chris Leaver with 45 points, and C Grade won by Hans Hoefler, also with 45 points.

Just out of the major’s was Rob Martin with 44 points, Frank Smedley, Garry Friend  and Wayne Keen with 43, and the best Women’s score was a wonderful 41 points by Glenyce McRobert.

Unfortunately for Andy, you can’t carry over any unused Mulligan’s to use on the next Monthly Medal.

This was a day too good to miss out on, and hopefully we can encourage a lot more of our Women, and visitors, to join in on the Christmas festivities next year.

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