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March Course Condition Report

We have survived our busy period with the November coring, annual tournament and busy Christmas holidays now gone.

The greens have responded well to our recent November renovation and are currently in excellent condition.

We have had a cooler than expected start to summer. Recent humid conditions has promoted growth and kept the mowers busy. A growth regulator has been sprayed to help control excessive top growth.

Fairways are in excellent condition and a big thank you must go to Al Sperling for his continued help cutting fairways. Without his help the fairways would not be presented at such a high standard every week. Thanks Al.  Fairways are yet to be irrigated.

The big pump seal, suction line and non-return check valves have now all been replaced or fixed. Finally the irrigation system is back working with some reliability.  Thank you to all involved.

It is very disappointing to see the way the bunkers have been left after play over the last 2 months. So much time and effort has gone into the bunker project to improve their conditions. Bunkers have been left not raked, foot marks left, players walking up faces, rakes left out of bunkers. If players expect a decent fair lie when they enter a bunker, they must remember to leave it in the condition that they would like it. We must improve the way we look after them.  Please remember to smooth sides with the back of the rake to allow them to firm up to allow ball to roll into the middle. Rakes are to be placed in the middle of the bunkers

Planned works & maintenance for March

The greens will be cored on Wednesday 4th March.  Whilst this makes the greens unfriendly for a few weeks, it is essential in ensuring their health and quality over the busy summer period.  Thank you for your patience over this time.

Other maintenance will be as per normal with regular mowing & rolling.

Thanks & Regards

Dylan McMeekin

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