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Pennant Players Motorized Transport Usage Reminder

The SGDGA is continuing with it’s policy of restricting the use of motorized transport during the Men’s pennant season. To this effect, in order to use a cart in pennant, players must firstly have been given permission from the SGDGA to do so.

Players must make application to the Association for either a “Permanent” exemption ( Medical certificate required) or a “Temporary” exemption (Supporting letter from their Club) and be granted permission prior to the season commencing. So far, NO Leongatha players have made application to do so.

Club Members 70 years and over are exempt from making application to use motorized transport.

PLEASE NOTE: Previously approved TEMPORARY applications expired on December 31 2015 and you will need to make fresh application for the 2016 pennant season.

Application forms for the use of Motorized Transport can be downloaded from the Association website:

Click on the ‘Forms & Resources” link.

Once you have completed the form you need to forward it to the District Secretary, Denis Stanes at 18aHagglethorn Road, Wonthaggi 3995, or by email to

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