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Saturday 14/05/2022

A-Grade Winner: Anthony Sparkes with 41 points
A-Grade Runners-up: Ryan Mcknight with 39 points on a countback

B-Grade Winner: Barry Attwood with 45 points
B-Grade Runners-up: Glenn Marsham with 39 points

C-Grade Winner: Mark O’Dwyer with 43 points
C-Grade Runners-up: Renatto Monacella with 38 points

D-Grade Winner: Maryanne Gartner with 35 points
D-Grade Runners-up: Ron Paice with 34 points on a countback

NTP 14th: Hoots at 1.8m
NTP 16th: Bryan McCorkell at 1m

Click here for the full prize report

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