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Saturday 14/04/2018 – Stableford

Today’s play was suspended at 11.30am due to high winds making conditions dangerous around the Course and mostly unplayable on the greens.  After one hour the conditions had shown no sign of improving, and with more bad weather on the radar, play was abandoned for the day.

It’s timely that I remind you that if you feel threatened by the conditions and discontinue play (Rule 6-8) before the Committee sounds the siren, please ensure you leave your card (preferably signed) in the box, so that the Committee know that you have left the Course.  Without knowing who has left the Course, means some else has to check the Course in those same dangerous conditions, to check your well being.

Once play has been abandoned, the Committee may decide to make the event into a 9 hole competition (even one for the back 9 and one for the front 9) so please ensure the cards are signed and left at the box or front desk on all ocassions.


Many thanks


Andy Bassett

Men’s Captain.

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