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Saturday 25th January 2020 Stableford

Today we had 117 players in our summer stableford event


A-Grade Winner: Mark Anderson (14) 36points c/b

A-Grade Runner-Up: David Gorr (Latrobe GC) (10) 36 points

B-Grade Winner: Gerry Carcour (20) 37 points c/b

B-Grade Runner-Up: Steve Fisher (16) 37 points

C-Grade Winner: Ted Bruinewoud ( 23) 36 points

C-Grade Runner-Up: Trevor Bowler (24) 35points

D-Grade Winner: Riley Hilder (36) 40 points

D-Grade Runner-Up: Thomas Simon (30) 36 points


14th NTP: Brian Sword 0.50m

16th NTP: Peter Brownlie 1.60m


Click Here for the full prize report



Today we had 24 players in our women’s event

A-Grade Winner: Dot stubbs (18) 35points

B-Grade Winner: Mandy Moyle (31) 33points

16th NTP: Rebecca Thomas 8.00m


Click Here for the full prize report

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