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Saturday Stableford 23/05/2020

Yesterday we had 117 players in our men’s event

Overall Winner: RILEY HILDER with 38

A-Grade Winner: CRAIG HAMS with 37 C/B

A-Grade Runners-up: RUSSELL WILLIAMS with 37

B-Grade Winner: PHILIPPE du PLESSIS with 36

B-Grade Runners-up: TREVOR RICKARD with 33 C/B

C-Grade Winner: NICK SHAW with 35

C-Grade Runners-up: JON SMITH with 32 C/B

D-Grade Runners-up: DARREN READ with 37 C/B



Click Here for the full prize report



Yesterday we had 15 players in our women’s event

Overall Winner: REBECCA THOMAS with 38


Click Here for the full prize report

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