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SGD Junior Pennant Lose Close Match to Kew GC.

KEW GC -V-SGD Junior Pennant 1/11/2015.

Despite the long journey to Kew we had another great round of hard fought golf at Kew Golf Club. Our SGD combined Junior Pennant Team had a very close outcome but went down 3.5 to 2.5.

The Team results were:
Kew                                   SGD
Callum Spear (6) defeat Alex Geyer (19)  2 down loss
Rylee Allen (10)  and Charlie May (20)  Squared.
Will Goss (11) lost to Jacob Taberner (30) 4/3 win
Michela Recinella (19) defeated Tim Boler (36) 2 down loss
Charles Kueh (22) defeated Oscar Harry (36) 4/3 loss.
Gus Falting (26) lost to Jessica Harry (45) 2 up win
The Kew Golf Course was in great condition and if you haven’t played there before, club selection and ball placement is critical in approaching a number of the greens. Play began on the 10th tee.
Alex Geyer had a close tussle with his opponent all day being down early and trailing after the first nine,  before squaring at the 6th and eventually being one down on the 8th. Alex was playing the final hole to square the match. His opponent Callum finished the 9th in great fashion with two massive shots putting him in winning position on the green and Alex lost 2 down.
It was a similar story with Charlie May and his opponent, Charlie being 3 down at one stage before pulling back and being square at the 6th with three to go and being one up by the 8th. The show down on the final hole was closely fought with Charlie’s opponent putting out to win the hole and square the match.
Jacob Taberner played the third low handicapper of the Kew team.  All three of these players were very good players, mature and tall and well built.  This was truely the story of “David and Goliath”. From the first tee shot Jacob played his own game and didn’t seemed daunted by his big hitting opponent.  Jacobs aproaches to the greens were especially good and he was quickly on top of his opponent, who became a little wayward. Jacob was five up going through nine and despite a fightback  Jacob was able to finish the match on the 6th, hole 4/3.  Well played Jacob.
Tim Boler played a steady game off the tee from the start on the 10th, later landing tee shots on two par three holes within a couple of club lengths from the pins. He led two up at the 18th but his opponent Michela wasn’t given up and returned fire on the 1st,2nd and 3rd holes to be one up. Tim again squared and the match was even going into the 8th where Tim became a litle ragged off the tee putting his ball into a hazard.  His opponent won that hole and Tim was up to squaring the match on the final hole.  A great drive saw his ball drawn by the contours down to the right beneath some trees. A great fairway hybrib landed his ball on the front of the elevated green but unfortunately it then rolled off the green by 20 metres.  His opponent landed his third on the green a metre below the cup and the hole was lost.  A great fight by Tim but losing  2 down.
Oscar Harry was a little unsettled early and wayward with his drives and his opponent quickly took control of the game playing steadier golf.  Despite settling and a  good fight back after the turn Oscar’s match finished on the 6th going down 4/3.
It was a different story with sister Jessica Harry who played very steady golf straight down the middle for the whole match.  In a tight tussle all day Jessica came to the 8th hole one up. Needing only to square the last to win the match Jessica played her third shot onto the elevated 9th green past the pin which held, leaving an 8 metre down hill putt for par. Her opponent was slightly off the green pin high and played first with his putt just missing the hole and running on a futher 2 metres.  Jessica then produced a pearl of a down hill putt leaving the ball slightly below the hole just 15 cms away and her opponent conceded defeat. A great win 2 up.
At the end of the day several matches were won or lost on Course knowledge and so a great effort by all of our SGD Juniors.
The Kew Golf Club were great hosts putting on refreshments after the game for the team and both Captains spoke well in congratulating their opponents on the spirit of the game.  Our Captain for the day was Charlie May.
Next Game: Round Three Sunday 8th November 2015. 
10.30am Tee Off
SGD – V – Cranbourne at Lang Lang (our home game)
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