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Sponsors / Volunteers Day Friday 12 April Irish Stableford.

Friday 12th April Sponsors & Volunteers Day

Irish Stableford was the game of the day, and what a great day it was.

A magnificent lunch to begin the day along with perfect golfing conditions and the high playing standard of the course certainly helped with the top scorers

First over the line saw Darren Read, Nick Shaw, Allister Scott, Thomas Williamson and Gus Kirk turn in   104 Points

Next in line with a very reasonable score of 96. was Hans Hoefler, Greg Ellt, Bob Smith and George Misson

In third place, Andy and Lynda Bassett along with Peter Waters and Garry Rotteveel came home with another fine score of 95 Points.

Nearest the Pins    14th  Bob Smith  3.85 mtrs         16th    Kevin Castwood   4.33 mtrs.



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