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4BBB Aggregate Stableford Tuesday 19th July 2016

Winner: 73

Geoff Maher

David Vorwerg

Down the line:

1. Andy Bassett  68

Peter Buttinger

2. Michael Thomas  66 C/B

Norm Hughes

3. Bruce Hutton    66

Grant McRitchie

4. Michael Oliver  64

Barry Stevens

5. David Forbes  63

Peter Hobson

6. Gary Sharrock 63

Barry Hughes

7. Dennis Wallace  62

Allan Edney

8. Andrew Smith  61

Peter Walsh


4th: Chris Leaver 4M

7th: Mick Thomas 5.15M

14th: Jeff Brewer 7.2M

16th: Grant McRitchie 2.15M




Round 5 Super League Results:

With weather conditions as they were earlier in the week, low scores were very common.

As the weather improved so did the results, but this week  the only moves on the ladder were Dogs and Blues displacing Tigers on percentage, but Tigers still ahead of Blues  on points.

Due to the lack of singles Ambrose games this week for round 6, Captain Peter and myself have decided to run round six (6) over the next two weeks and thus extending the competition for an extra week to make up for the lose of this week.


Cats  defeated Tiger 128/108

Dogs defeated Demons 119/112

Blues defeated Saints 127/115

Hawks defeated Pies 125/107


Ladder:     Hawks 109.4%     20pts

Cats  108.2            16pts

Dogs  102.1%         12pts

Tigers  98.3%         12pts

Blues  100.6%        8pts

Demons 94.8%      8pts

Saints     95.2%       4pts

Pies    92.7                o



South Gippsland District Golf Association Fourball Championships – Sunday 13 September

South Gippsland District Golf Association LogoDarren Green and Beau Van Agtmaal won the South Gippsland District Golf Association Fourball Championships at Leongatha Golf Club on Sunday September 13.  They took home the Ken McDonald Trophy with a score of 71.

Leongatha Golf Club was well represented with 5 pairings in the field.  Club Vice President Dan Poynton & partner Brendan Simon took out the B Grade Scratch Championships.  Bill Howson & Ross McRobert took out the B Grade Handicap division (Bill also shot NTP on the 14th), while Peter Dowling & Michael Fleming took out the 9 Hole Handicap comp on the way in.


18 Hole Fourball Championships (Ken McDonald Shield)

Event 1: A Grade Championship

  • Darren Green & Beau Van Agtmaal – 71

Event 2: B Grade Championship

  • Dan Poynton & Brendan Simon – 80 (LGC)

Event 3: A Grade Handicap

  • Ian Gibson & Greg Jones – Nett 71

Event 4: B Grade Handicap

  • William Howson & Ross McRobert – Nett 64 (LGC)

Event 5 & 6: 9 Hole A & B Grade Handicap

  • Out: Dean Styles & Daniel Walker – 34
  • In: Peter Dowling & Michael Fleming – 33 1/4 (LGC)


  • 14th – Bill Howson (LGC)
  • 16th – Ross Winkler

DTL Balls:

  • W.Howson & R. McRobert – 64 (LGC)
  • J.King & V. Collela – 64 1/2
  • D. Poynton & B. Simon – 66 (LGC)
  • R. Fleming & J. Steedham – 67 1/2
  • B. Van Agtmaal & D. Green – 68
  • P. Dowling & M. Fleming – 68 1/2 (LGC)


South Gippsland Pennant – Div 4 Final & Season Summary

The Leongatha Golf Club Men’s Pennant teams are sponsored by:

bcs-logo-RGB-small                        M&S-LOGO-HIGH-RES-FOR-SIGN

Division 4 Final @ Korumburra GC – Lost 3-4 Vs Meeniyan GC

Match Report by Captain: Andy Bassett

On Sunday 17th May the LGC Div 4 Pennant Team played the Meeniyan Golf Club team in the final.  In beautiful weather and on the soggy but otherwise picturesque Korumburra Course the Team went down 3-4 in a close encounter.

Our core players of Mark Boler, Mark Anderson and Peter Jaspers again performed well winning tight matches, Mark Boler going through the season undefeated which is a mighty effort.  Our two juniors Tim Boler and Ryan (Rock) Thomas met seasoned opponents and unfortunately went down 3&2 whilst our number one player Gary Peters also went down 4&2.

As Captain I didn’t have the stamina to complete a revival in the back nine and finished with a 4&3 loss.  I’m sure we all rue some of the shot making and missed puts that we later mulled over at the post mortem. Not to forget Ian Barlow, Fred Debont and Barry Stevens who also played games which got us to the final.

Overall we had a great season with four players who had never experienced senior pennant golf and none of us had played finals before.  We are mightily encouraged by the quality of our two juniors. We all learnt some lessons about golf and in particular, pennant golf & match play.  I encourage more of you to consider engaging in pennant next year.

Last but not least many thanks to Pennant Coordinator Dan Poynton and our coach John Payne for their support and programmed lessons each week which made a difference on most occassions when the chips were down.  It was great to see our supporters at the final today and it does make a difference knowing you have the support of the Club you are representing. It was just a pity we couldn’t drag one more win over the line today….but wait for next year…we’ll be back.


  • Gary Peters Lost 4&2
  • Peter Jaspers Won 4&2
  • Andy Bassett Lost 4&3
  • Ryan Thomas Lost 3&2
  • Mark Anderson Won 5&4
  • Mark Boler Won 6&5
  • Tim Boler Lost 3&2

Season Summary

Well another pennant season has been run & won.  Huge congratulations to our Division 4 side for making the final, and to come so close to bringing home the pennant & shield.  They were almost undefeated, but unfortunately suffered losses in the last round of the season and the final.  A tough way to complete a really positive season.

This season saw our club field sides in all 4 divisions of the South Gippsland District Golf Association pennant competition.  A huge thank you goes out to all the guys that committed to the season to play, particularly those who played out of position week in week out in Div 1 & 2.  We had a total of 40 members play at least one pennant match which is a great thing for our club, and we had many who committed to the whole season which is even better!

The pennant competition is a really important one for the district and is something that I am committed to reviving a bit of energy about throughout our club.  Whilst we didn’t see success in Div 1 or 2, we were highly competitive and when we lost it was very close with most weeks being 3-4 losses having had matches finish on the 17th, 18th or 19th hole – these matches could have gone either way.  Our Division 3 side were in it up to their eyeballs until the last round where unfortunately our guys needed to rely on results falling our way to make the final – it didn’t quite happen for us.

Our weekly practice sessions were a huge success, many thanks goes to John for his tireless commitment to helping out our sides.  I think its evident that they make a difference, the Div 4 side each week had the most participants at practice, and interestingly… made the final!  Hopefully this will set the example for other teams next season.  We will continue to make this as accessible as possible to fit with peoples work commitments.

My sincere thanks to the team captains – Div 1: Peter Rayson, Div 2: Bruce Hutton, Div 3: Chris Indian & Div 4: Andy Bassett.  Its been great to have you guys as sounding boards throughout the season.

As per last year I’ve been keeping a tally & recording the scores to decide our player of the year.  It gives me great pleasure, and its probably no surprise given this player’s results throughout the year:

The Leongatha Golf Club, Pennant Player of the Year is Mark Boler.

Congratulations Mark.

Please click here for the full results table & the rules of how the results were calculated.

Thanks again to everyone, and we look forward to a more successful season next in 2016.  It was pleasing to hear on the weekend that the SGDGA will be asking for feedback from the clubs as to the structure of the pennant competition going forward.  Our club will be asking for feedback from the pennant players – this can be given to your team captain, and then we’ll call a short meeting of the team captains, myself & our club captain to formulate our club response.

Happy hitting, I look forward to seeing you all out on the course.

Dan Poynton
Pennant Coordinator


South Gippsland Pennant – Round 7 Match Summary

South Gippsland District Golf Association Men’s Pennant Rd 7 – Sunday 03 May 2015

The Leongatha Golf Club Men’s Pennant teams are sponsored by:

bcs-logo-RGB-small                        M&S-LOGO-HIGH-RES-FOR-SIGN

Division 1  @ Lang Lang GC – Lost 2-5 Vs Meeniyan GC

Match Report by Captain: Peter Rayson

The last round was played against Meeniyan in perfect weather conditions at Lang Lang with the course presented  accordingly. Lang Lang is easily one of the best courses around second only to our own.  As has been the case all season, we were able to push our opposing team to a close finish, unfortunately losing two close matches at the top two positions meant we ended up going down 2-5.

Tom Williamson and myself chalked up  maiden victories  for the season at positions number seven and six respectively. Peter Dowling put his best foot forward for the team playing with an injured back but found the going difficult with his restrictions. President Chris playing at number two pushed his opponent all the way but lost a close one on the last hole with the Meeniyan player showing great touch and leaving his downhill approach putt next to the hole.


  • Tom Sorrell Lost 2&1
  • Chris Leaver Lost 1Dn
  • Anthony Sparkes Lost 4&3
  • Peter Dowling Lost 7&5
  • Rod McKenzie Lost 5&3
  • Peter Rayson Won 3&2
  • Tom Williamson Won 3&2

Division 2 @ Lang Lang GC – Lost 2-5 Vs Foster GC

Match Report by Captain: Dan Poynton

Our Div 2 side fronted up to Foster at Lang Lang on Sunday with a completely different looking side to normal.  A full side of fill-ins, with one exception – me, but still being 1 player short meant we were up against it already 1 match down, it also meant that everyone had to play up the order 1 spot too!

Thank you very much to the guys who put their hands up to play, and thank you to the 43 members that I rang & messaged on Saturday arvo/evening trying to find the elusive 7th player (I counted them all and can verify that 43 people were called!).  If I didn’t call you and you feel aggrieved reading this – I’m sorry but my phone ran out of battery!! Haha.

On the course, it was a very tight match with many of the matches oscillating between being up & down throughout the round – a credit to our guys considering Foster have made the final.

Ben battled away hard, having barely played in the past 12 months & up against a single figure handicapper whilst he’s off 16-  to get to the 16th hole was a great effort.  Ian Murchie also battled on, and although at one stage was well & truly down got some late wins on the board before ultimately running out of holes.  Having only just started playing again since recovering from a broken hand Darryl went awfully close to a win losing on the 17th – a really tough dog leg par 4 to a well bunkered green, Darryl reud a missed opportunity to ultimately lose the hole & match.  In my match my opponent & I both had moments of glory and other moments where we just looked at each other and laughed – however it was very tight.  A few missed putts cost me a few holes leaving me 2 down with 3 to play after being up through the middle of the round.  Thankfully a birdie on our 16th got me back into the match and I managed to take it to the 18th… where I blew it by blading a bunker shot into the scrub over the green.  A disappointing way to finish against an opponent off a handicap off 5ish.

Our saviors for the day were new member Matt Bowey who admirably won on the last hole playing in the #1 position after knocking his tee shot on the par 3 to about 3m.  Glenn Marsham was a big winner comfortably getting up 5&3.  He played a solid match with some great scrambling saving many par’s from some tight positions – I’d love to see you as a regular pennant player Glenn!!

Well done guys, and again, sincere thanks for putting your hand up to play.


  • Matt Bowey Won 1Up
  • Darryl Matthews Lost 2&1
  • Dan Poynton Lost 2Dn
  • Ian Murchie Lost 6&4
  • Glenn Marsham Won 5&3
  • Ben Farrari-Mela Lost 4&2
  • Walk Over – Lost 10&8

Division 3 @ Leongatha GC – Lost 3-4 Vs Wonthaggi GC

Match Report by Captain: Chris Indian

Unfortunately, when the season was on the line we had a few fellas not quite able to seal their matches in must win games.  Very much like last 2 weeks, we went down in a close affair to Wonthaggi 3-4.

We could have clinched victory with one of 2 matches – with Brendan Simon’s opponent being off 5 Brendan managed to take him to 18 and unfortunately lost, we also had Dean Brown going down on 19.

Winners were Bryan McCorkell 5&3, Chris Indian 3&2 and saving the best till last Al Adcock 7&6 who apparently was only 1 over the card after 12 holes, a great effort!

Just before I sign off for this year a big thanks to all the guys who committed and came through for me this year lets hope we can finish our year next season with a pennant.  Best of luck to div4 in 2 weeks bring it home guys. LETS GET THERE and support them!


  • Brendan Simon Lost 1Dn
  • Allan Adcock Won 7&6
  • Dean Brown Lost 19th
  • John Dalton Lost 5&4
  • Chris Indian Won 3&2
  • Bryan McCorkall Won 5&3
  • Colin Bear Lost 4&3

Division 4 @ Woorayl GC – Lost 3-4 Vs Woorayl GC

Match Report by Captain: Andy Bassett

In our last match before the final, the Div 4 team suffered its first loss going down 3-4 to a tough Woorayl team at Woorayl.  This is no disgrace as the home team advantage (I think) at Woorayl is massive considering the speed and shape of the greens and knowing how and where to approach them from.

Mark Boler again anchored our efforts with another win – the only player to compete in every game with a win this year and well done to him. Ryan Thomas again showed why he is called ‘The Rock’ after outplaying his senior opponent on the 19th in a close fought tussle. Ian Barlow also played very tough golf to secure a 2&1 win against a very handy golfer. Ian has now qualified to play for the Div 4 finals team as part of the risk management strategy to ensure a full team for the big game.

Close losses were experienced by Mark Anderson (1 down), Gary Peters (3&1 down) and Peter Jaspers (2&1) and I yoyoed around to finish 5&3 down.  Whilst licking our wounds I know this will encourage us to rethink how we could have played our opponent differently should we have the chance.

In the end though we are playing in the finals in two weeks time on Sunday the 17th May (location as yet unnamed) and we hope to emulate the Div 4 Teams of recent years to bring home the shield.  Win or lose I know we (including Barry and Fred) have already had a great year and have uncovered some future stars of the LGC.  I call on members to come down (wherever that may be) on the 17th and share in the experience of pennant golf and in particular, support the Div 4 team.


  • Peter Jaspers Lost 2&1
  • Gary Peters Lost 3&1
  • Andy Bassett Lost 5&3
  • Ryan Thomas Won 19th
  • Mark Anderson Lost 1Dn
  • Mark Boler Won 19th
  • Ian Barlow Won 2&1

Results of the other matches and division ladders can be found on the South Gippsland District Golf Association website.

The final fixture & venue has been announced, see this here on the South Gippsland District Golf Association Website.

South Gippsland Pennant – Round 6 Match Summary

South Gippsland District Golf Association Men’s Pennant Rd 6 – Sunday 25 April 2015

The Leongatha Golf Club Men’s Pennant teams are sponsored by:

bcs-logo-RGB-small                        M&S-LOGO-HIGH-RES-FOR-SIGN

Division 1  @ Wonthaggi GC – Lost 3-4 Vs Korumburra GC

Match Report by Captain: Peter Rayson

Sunday saw us competing against a similar strength side in Korumburra at Wonthaggi . Once again the team showed great spirit in all contested matches but we fell agonisingly shore with a 3 / 4 loss. Tom Sorrell again proved he will be a player  ‘correction’ is a top line player, who is going to keep improving under the guidance of his caddy / coach Dad Steve with a victory over the Burra’s top player Steve Bromby.

The comment was made that the contest was for the wooden spoon but there is a quiet confidence in the team that we can defeat last years premiers in the final round at Lang Lang that could see us rise up the ladder. Sparkesy is playing some solid golf with another victory at number three and is pushing President Chris for a spot at number two. There will be some considerable thought going into the line up as with the correct pairings we have the talent for the win.


  • Tom Sorrell Won 1Up
  • Chris Leaver Lost 3&2
  • Anthony Sparkes Won 5&3
  • Peter Rayson Lost 2&1
  • Matt Bowey Lost 4&3
  • Peter Dowling Won 5&4
  • Tom Williamson Lost 2&1

Division 2 @ Foster GC – Lost 1-6 Vs Wonthaggi GC

Match Report by Captain: Bruce Hutton

Leongatha Golf Club’s division 2 played against Wonthaggi at Foster on Sunday 26th. Only one of our team managed to win.

Congratulations to Russell Williams continuing on his excellent performance was our only successful winner. He finished in style winning 1 up and playing number one for the team. The course was in good condition and the rain held off all day.

The rest of our team did their best but unfortunately Grant McRichie, Ian Murchie, Dan Poynton, Barry Attwood, Bruce Hutton and Nathan Wardle were all unsuccessful. We did have a couple of close ones with Grant losing on the 19th hole and Bruce losing on the 18th hole, Wonthaggi were just too strong for us on the day.

A special thanks to Dan and Ian filling in for the team at last minutes notice. Unfortunately this loss prevents us from making the finals, but winning is not everything, representing the club is what it is all about. This coming Sunday we play against Foster at Lang Lang. Congratulations on division 3 and 4 having convincing wins. Bad luck to division 1 going down but doing their best against very strong opposition.


  • Russell Williams Won 1Up
  • Nathan Wardle Lost 6&4
  • Bruce Hutton Lost 1Dn
  • Barry Attwood Lost 5&3
  • Dan Poynton Lost 7&5
  • Ian Murchie Lost 3&2
  • Grant McRitchie Lost 19th

Division 3 @ Phillip Island GC – Lost 3-4 Vs Phillip Island GC

Match Report by Captain: Chris Indian

After a very tight match against Phillip Island at Phillip Island we lost 4-3 with the deciding match going to the 20th,  hole bad luck to Gordon Morrison.

Winners for the day were Brendan Simon 2&1, Brian McCorkell 4&2 & Rob Rumian 4&3.

We can still make the final but need to win & have another game fall our way…. does this feel like a touch of déjà vue for those of us who played in div4 a few years ago… I hope so because there was a great result at the end


  • Brendan Simon Won 2&1
  • Allan Adcock Lost 4&2
  • Gordon Morrison Lost 20th
  • John Dalton Lost 5&3
  • Chris Indian Lost 4&2
  • Bryan McCorkall Won 4&2
  • Robert Rumian Won 4&3

Division 4 @ Wonthaggi GC – Won 6-1 Vs Welshpool GC

Match Report by Captain: Andy Bassett

Today our Div 4 Pennant Team secured their place in the Pennant final with a strong win over Wonthaggi at Meeniyan Golf Club.  Played in cold and showery conditions both our junior guns had strong wins with Ryan solid down the middle from the 1st Tee off leading to an early finish with an outstanding 9&7 win and Tim overcoming an early slump to win comfortably 5&4.

Mark Anderson (W- 5&4), Peter Jaspers (W-5&4) and I (W-4&2) consolidated the win.   Mark Boler had looked comfortable being 2 up with a few to go but after almost snatching defeat from the jaws of victory  losing on the 18th and was forced into the play off. With some encouraging advice from his new caddie (Tim) Mark regrouped and held his nerve and won on the 19th.

Fred de Bondt stepped in as a replacement for Gary Peters who was a last minute withdrawal. Fred was dissappointed that he went down 3&2 but I thank him once again for stepping up to the plate for the Club.  I know that his opponent had to pull out some extrodinary chip ins and one putts to make the difference.


  • Peter Jaspers Won 5&4
  • Fred De Bondt Lost 3&2
  • Andy Bassett Won 4&2
  • Ryan Thomas Won 9&7
  • Mark Anderson Won 5&4
  • Mark Boler Won 19th
  • Tim Boler Won 5&4

Results of the other matches and division ladders can be found on the South Gippsland District Golf Association website.

2015 W. McCaughan 4BBB Par – Championship Results


  • Mark Anderson & Bryan Sword                                   + 5  and +12     = +17
  • Gordon Morrison & Peter Hobson                               +7 and +7        = +14
  • Ken Wardle & Bruce Hutton                                        +8 and +6        = +14
  • Rod Hopcraft & Brett Windsor                         +8 and +6        = +14
  • John Dalton & Robert Rumian                          +4 and +9        = +13
  • Dave Vorwerg & Bruce Cathie                         +7 and +6        = +13
  • Anthony Sparkes & Matt Hunter                                  +6 and +6        = +12
  • Nick Lafferty & Peter Stivic                                          +6 and +6        = +12
  • Peter Waters & Jon Smith                                            +5 and +6        = +11
  • Sam O’Brien & Fred DeBondt                         +6 and +5        = +11
  • Merv Stubbs and Henry Sedelies                                  +6 and +4        = +10
  • Ryan Thomas & Rod Brown                                         +6 and +4        = +10
  • Barry Hughes & Garry Sharrock                                   +7 and +3        = +10


  • Mick Thomas & Dylan McMeekin                                72 and 71         = 143
  • Ken Wardle & Bruce Hutton                                        74 and 74         = 148
  • Anthony Sparkes & Matt Hunter                                  76 and 77         = 153
  • Ray Burton & Geoff McDonald                                    76 and 78         = 154


A more complete list of results will be posted in the clubhouse.

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