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Top Gun – final qualifiers

After three months of qualifying rounds the following players won their way into Sunday’s (Nov 11) Top Gun shoot out.

Rank Player Score
1 Leaver, Chris 42
2 Michael, Kevin 40
3 Perrin, Nick 39
4 Smith, Andrew 39
5 Legge, Malcolm 39
6 Sorrell,Tom 39
7 Friend, Gary 38
8 Smirk, Ken 38
9 Castwood, Kevin 38
10 Bear, Colin 38
11 Forbes, David 38
12 Roberts, Tony 38
13 Cathie, Bruce 38
14 Grace, Terry 37
15 Gill, Frank 37
16 Bear, Karen 37
17 McLennan, John 37
18 Clemann, Doug 37
19 Gary McGrath 36

Gary snuck in ahead of Marea Maher, Bryan Sword and Andy Bassett who are all on standby as emergencies.

For those not familiar with this event, we start off with 19 players on the first tee.  The player with the lowest stableford score drops out and the remaining 18 continue on to the 2nd hole.  In the event of two or more players having an equal low score on a hole a chip off is used to determine who is eliminated. One player drops out on each hole until we have two nervous golfers left on the 18th tee vying to become the 2018 Top Gun.

It is a fun spectator event so feel welcome to have a look at some stage during the day.  The qualifiers tee off at 9:00 am and the final hole will be played at about 2:30 pm.

It is spring carnival time so we will be running a “Calcutta” on Thursday (8 Nov) where brave punters can buy the player they think has a chance to win the event.  Neil Mackenzie has been honing his old auctioneer skills to sell the players to us.  The auction of players will start after Thursday’s presentations, around 2:00 pm.

Good hitting to the 19 qualifiers.


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