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Top Gun final

Congratulations to Andrew Smith who is the 2017 Top Gun winner after an exciting Sunday of tense and thrilling golf.

Andy prevailed over the very solid John McLennan after a chip-off on the 18th hole.  John’s putt on the 18th lipped the cup denying him of victory.  Andy’s top-notch chip over the bunker in the “chip-off” sealed the deal.

Ken Smirk fought hard to finish third and was the “champion of the chip-off” surviving 6 chip-offs before falling out of the playoff on the 17th.

Peter Waters (16th hole), George Misson (15th hole) and Denis Wallace (14th hole) rounded out the top 6 and played excellent golf to get through to the closing holes.

Neale Gillin stitched up the prestigious Pop Gun award after being pipped in the first hole chip-off.


Front row – John McLennan, Andrew Smith, Ken Smirk

Back row – the non-golfers – Bruce Hutton, Colin Bear, Trevor Steer

Top Gun winners



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