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TUESDAY 3rd May 4 BBB Stableford Aggregate.

Tuesday 3rd May        4BBB Stableford Aggregate:

Winners:              Leroy Sharrock / Alan Kuhne. 67 Pts on c/b

Runners Up:           Frank Thomas / Peter Waters. 67 Pts.

N.T.P’s  4th.           Fred DeBondt 6.1m    7th.  Keith Finney 1.9m      14th Russell Williams 0.53m      16th Ian Barlow. 4.5m

D.L.B. Balls:         Mick Oliver / Keith Finney 63 Pts

Bob Smith / Brian Fennessy 59Pts.

Marilyn Williams / Russ Williams 57Pts.

Frank Smedley / Graham Spruzen 57Pts.


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