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Update on the 2016 Esplanade Hotel Super League Final – Thursday 16th June 1026

With a Family Ambrose event scheduled for Sunday 19th June, Saturday’s 4BBB stablefrod events (the Tom Welsford Board Event and the ladies event) will be  the last opportunity players involved in this year’s Final of the Esplanade Hotel Super League will have to post a score that will count for their teams.

After yesterday’s and today’s events the Cats are sitting in the box seat over the previously undefeated Hawks. They lead the Hawks, 133 to 129, and the Hawks have some heavy lifting to do to keep their undefeated record intact and take out the title!

On Tuesday Ian Barlow improved on his previous best score of 34  with a great 38 points, and followed up today with a fine 35 for good measure! He really is proving to be a thorn in the Hawks side!

Hawks Cats
Jon Smith 29 31 Doug Clemann
Toni West 30 34 Wendy Parker
Joe Lowell 34 30 Colin Bear
Jan Brownlie 34 28 Coral Gray
Keith Godridge 26 29 Neale Gillin
Peter Waters 30 38 Ian Barlow
Ian Watson 31 George Misson
Paul Luck 29 30 Jim Arnott
Best 4 129 133 Best 4

Like they say in the classics, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings, but I can see her warming up!

For those involved in the final and down to play on Saturday, please remember to keep a separate card for your score, particulalry you Hawks!!!

Also, another reminder that we will be having a presentation night for Super League at the Club on Friday 24th to celebrate the winners for this year. You can put your name down on the booking sheet in the foyer. Hope to see you there!

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