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Wednesday 15th March Women’s Irish 3 Ball

48 women played an Irish 3 Ball today on the green course (1 score par 5’s, 3 scores par 4’s and 2 scores par 3’s) in rather hot conditions, with the winning team coming with a hot score of 99. Glad to be in the clubhouse, all enjoyed a lovely green afternoon tea provided by the committee.  Thanks to all who contributed to the food and decorations, and those who dressed in keeping with the St. Patrick’s Day theme.

Winners     Wendy Parker (14), Helen Mackenzie (28), Lesley Renwick (34)    99 pts

D.T.L.          Chris Lay (42), Marg Raynor (34), Glenyce McRobert (25)             92 pts

Julie Howard (24), Noreen Williams (33), Marion Chalmers (41) 91 pts

Libby Seebeck (33), Nan Meagher (33), Gwen Chapman (30)        89 pts

Toni West (10), Nancy Sperling (23), Evelyn Indian (25)                 87 pts

Pat Pease (20), Sue woods (28), Anne Gibson (25)                            86 pts c/b

N.T.P.           14th     Coral Gray                                  4.10m

16th     Geraldine Hastings                   1.57m

16th 2nd Shot     Chris Lay                     .78m

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