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Weekly results starting Saturday December 2

Saturday December 2 – Mens Monthly Medal – washed out

Tuesday December 5 – Stableford – 62 entrants

A Grade winner: John McInnes (14) with 43pts

A Grade runner up: Callum McCaughan (18) with 38pts C/B

B Grade winner: Trevor Steer (22) with 40pts

B Grade runner up: George Hendry (23) with 36pts C/B

C Grade winner: Geoff Maher (27) with 35pts C/B

C Grade runner up: Sean Munley (33) with 35pts C/B

NTP #5 2nd shot: Russell Williams 120cm

NTP #14: William Norden 347cm

NTP #16: Craig Hutchinson 164 cm

For full results, please click the link below:

Thursday December 7 – Stableford – 94 entrants

A Grade winner: Mark Lafferty (5) with 39pts

A Grade runner up: Craig Hutchinson (7) with 38pts

B Grade winner: Grant McRitchie (16) with 37pts

B Grade runner up: Garry Rotteveel (17) with 36pts C/B

C Grade winner: Gary Sharrock (24) with 39pts

C Grade runner up: Nicholas Byrne (21) with 38pts

D Grade winner: Peter Horman (32) with 44pts

D Grade runner up: Frank Gill (25) with 39pts

NTP #5 2nd shot: Ian Murchie 127cm

NTP #14: Mark Lafferty 260cm

NTP #16: Gary McGrath 80cm

For full results please click on the link below:

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