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Men’s Monthly Medal

Saturday the players contested the April monthly medal in difficult scoring conditions. The weather was cool through out the day with blustery winds and showers. The winner on the day was Glenn Marsham with a fine score of 69 nett. Dot Stubbs used her years of experience to take out the ladies event with 71 nett.

Medal winner: Glenn Marsham with 69

A-grade winner: Rodney Hopcraft with 70 C/B

A-grade runners up: Richard Comerford with 70

B-grade winner: Bruce Christison with 71

B-grade runners up: Daniel Yeap with 72

C-grade winner: Wayne Elliott with 71 C/B

C-grade runners up: Geoffrey Linguey with 71

Click here to see full prize report

Saturday Women

Winner: Dot Stubbs with 71

Runners up: Liz Hodge with 73

Click here to see full prize report

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