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Tom Welsford 4BBB Saturday 15th June

The Tom Welsford Memorial 4BBB was held yesterday with 88 men and women taking part.  Thank-you once again to the Welsford family for their continuing sponsorship and support for this event.  Dirk Jacobs (32) and Ken McKenzie (28) proved too good for the rest of the field with 44 points.

Ken McKenzie – Dirk Jacobs                         44 points                          $30 Voucher

Steve Fisher – Ian Debenham                       43 points (c/b)                 $15 Voucher

Rod Hopcraft – Andrew Westaway             43 points                            Ball

David Forbes – Will Norden                         43 points                            Ball

Anthony Sparkes – Craig Hams                   42 points                            Ball

Dan Jolley – Stuart Harry                              42 points                            Ball

Greg Welsford – Bruce Cathie                      41 points                             Ball

Lianne Adamson – Lynda Bassett               40 points                             Ball

Andy Bassett – Ian Murchie                         40 points                             Ball

John Moor – Rob Martin                               40 points                            Ball

Geoff McDonald – Peter Hobson                 40 points                            Ball

Russell Williams – Marilyn Williams          40 points                            Ball


Anthony Sparkes                                              NTP 14th – 295cm            3 Balls

Chris Leaver                                                       NTP 16th – 260cm           3 Balls

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