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Wednesday 4th November 2015 – Monthly Medal Stroke

Sponsored by Trish Owen

Total 31 players

A Grade (0-18):  Wendy Parker  87-13-74

B Grade (19-29):  Anne Gibson  102-27-75  c/b 2 others

C Grade (30-45):  Elizabeth Seebeck  105-35-70

B Grade Scratch:  Pat Pease  97

Monthly Medal Winner:  Elizabeth Seebeck   70 nett

Star Medal Winner:  Loris Clark   75 nett


  • 4th (2nd shot):  Toni West   75 cm
  • 7th (2nd shot):  Anne Gibson  80 cm
  • 16th:                      Karen Orford  4.92m

Putting:  Marg Berry   29

DTL Balls:

  1. Loris Clark                    75 nett
  2. Shirley Welsford        75 nett
  3. Kate Dwyer                  77 nett
  4. Glenyce McRobert    77 nett
  5. Marg Berry                  78 nett
  6. Pam Christensen       78 nett
  7. Coral Gray                    79 nett

9 Hole Comp

Winner:  Marion Chalmers  (33)  17 pts

DTL Ball:  Jan Bissett                         14 pts c/b

Match Play Finals – to be played Wednesday 11th November 2015

9.00am  C Grade:  Shirley Welsford vs Glenyce McRobert     Trish Owen to referee

9.30am  B Grade:  Kerry Hogan vs Nancy Sperling                    Dot Stubbs to referee

10.00am  A Grade:  Toni West vs Sharyn Rayson                       Maxine Eabry to referee

Everyone welcome to come and watch how the matches progress.

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