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2016 Esplanade Hotel Super League Teams and Draw

Hi All,

Thanks for making the effort to enter this teams-based competition, this year sponsored by the Esplanade Hotel, Inverloch. Based on last year’s success, it promises to be a lot of fun! The first round of the competition kicks off next week (commencing Monday 4th April) and the competition will run until about early June, weather and other issues permitting.

After the closure of entries we formed 8 teams of 8 players. We did so via a “draft” in which the 8 lowest handicap male and female players were distributed by secret draw throughout the 8 teams, followed by the next 8 etc, until all 64 players had been allocated to teams. This resulted in the 8 teams having average player handicaps ranging from 18.1 to 20.3, with most around 19 average player handicap. Hopefully this evening out of talent will produce some exciting and close results!

Rather than just name the teams 1-8, we went with Victorain-based AFL Footy team nicknames. Apologies to those of you who object to having to wear colours of teams you may well hate into battle!

The Draw for the first 3 rounds is as follows:


                              Round 1        4th – 10th April

             Blues  vs  Hawks                     Cats  vs  Saints    

              Dogs  vs  Pies                  Demons  vs  Tigers

                              Round 2        11th – 17th April

                Cats  vs  Dogs                   Tigers  vs  Pies

          Saints  vs  Hawks            Demons  vs  Blues

                             Round 3        18th – 24th April

             Pies  vs  Saints                  Hawks  vs  Demons

           Dogs  vs  Tigers                   Blues  vs  Cats

The complete draw, along with the teams and results and ladder will be posted on the notice board near the office in the Clubrooms. Keep your eye on this notice board to see how your team is doing and who you play next.

Good luck to all players, may your team do well. My money is on the Hawks to make it a 4peat!!!

Any problems/queries, please see Peter Waters, Colin Bear or George Misson.

Finally, the teams for 2016’s event:

2016 Esplanade Hotel Super League Teams

















Rod Brown

David Forbes

Doug Clemann

Peter Walsh

Rod Mackenzie

Jon Smith

Tom Sorrell

Chris Leaver

Rita deBondt

Anne Gibson

Wendy Parker

Bec Thomas

Trish Owen

Toni West

Colleen Touzel

Julie Howard

Norm Hughes

Gordon Morrison

Colin Bear

Kev Castwood

Gene Van der Zalm

Joe Lowell

Andrew Smith

Barry Stevens

Marg Griffiths

Loris Clark Coral Gray Marea Maher Anna deBondt Jan Brownlie Fay Quilford Shirley Welsford

Fred deBondt

Bryan McCorkell

Neale Gillin

Jeff Brewer

Peter Stivic

Keith Godridge

Trevor Steer

Peter Hartigan

Geoff Maher

Peter Hobson

Ian Barlow

Andy Bassett

John Eabry

Peter Waters

Denis Wallace

Geoff Sherman

Bruce Cathie Ted Bruinewoud George Misson

David Barrack

Frank Smedley

Ian Watson

Neil Mackenzie

Henry Sedelies

Peter Horman

       John King

Jim Arnott

Lynda Bassett

Bob Smith

Paul Luck

John Fraser

Kevin Scott

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