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BJS Insurance 2015 Top Gun Shootout Update

BJS Insurance Top Gun Shootout Update

Still early, cold and wet days in the qualifying lead up to this year’s BJS Insurance Top Gun Shootout. Numbers have (swelled) to 26 including 4 of our ladies  of whom, 50% are currently ranked in the Top 19.

Substantial results of 41, 40, 39, and a couple of 38’s have been scored by Club members, some of whom were  past or present Shootout entrants, but alas, at the that time of shooting that big score, the player had not yet signed up for this year’s event.  You never know when that great score is going to happen so get in early and sign on before your next super round happens.

Based on last year’s qualifying results, probably only the top six of todays rankings are likely to be in contention for the final, so let’s get out there and give it another round.

(I’d hate to see the reigning 2014 TopGun -no names -but curently 16th..miss out this on year’s final, running waaayyy behind the PopGun -currently 7th).

Current 19 Top Gun Rankings as of 1/8/2015

  1. Tom SORRELL   – 39
  2. Alan SCHACHE  – 37
  3. Peter WALSH       -36
  4. Bruce HUTTON  -35
  5. John SIMON         -35
  6. John SMITH         -35
  7. Andy BASSETT   -34
  8. Rod BROWN            -34
  9. Norm HUGHES     -34
  10. Bryan McCORKELL -33
  11. Dylan CLARK          -32
  12. Neale GILLIN         -32
  13. Kate DWYER            – 31
  14. Keith GODRIDGE -31
  15. Peter WATERS        -31
  16. Kevin CASTWOOD -30
  17. Bruce CATHIE         -30
  18. Brian FENNESSY    -30
  19. Coral GRAY               -28
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