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Men’s Pennant – The Finals

The rub of the green just didn’t go our way today.

Division 3 lost 4 matches to 3 after Nathan Wardle’s opponent chipped in from 20 metres off the green for a birdie on the 18th hole.  Nathan looked to have the match (and the Pennant) won when he chipped it dead but a classy chip-in from his opponent meant the Lang Lang team was doing all the cheering.

Division 5 also lost 4 matches to 3 with Garry Rotteveel carrying all the pressure as he went down the 20th hole with 20 people watching every shot.  His opponent stood up under the intense pressure and the Welshpool team celebrated their first pennant win since 2009.  Being the great club that we are,  we were happy for them and toasted their success.

On a personal level, I would like to thank everyone who played this year in Divvy 1, 3 & 5  for representing the Club proudly and admirably.  We presented ourselves as excellent citizens of South Gippsland golf and helped create a great spirit of competitiveness and friendship with our South Gippsland mates.

Special thanks to the team captains – Tom Sorrell, Chris Indian and John McLennan.  Their love of Pennant is brilliant, their organisation of their teams was spot on and their leadership was top notch.

No pennants but a great year, thanks to every one of you.

Colin Bear

Men’s Captain



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