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As the fairways begin to dry out, the run is coming back to the Course.  Many very good under par scores are being recorded at the moment and with that, the Top Gun Top 19 field is in continuous motion as  players drop out and others climb the ranking.

It’s good to see the recent excellent results obtained by Marea Maher and Karen Bear to climb back into the Top 19, joining  Coral Gray.

The minimum qualifying score for the Top Gun final at the moment has risen to 35 points with a back nine score of 21.

As always, some of the better scores recorded don’t belong to registered Top Gun players.  So if you are one of those playing well at the moment, remember it’s never too late to join up.  Do so before you hit the next great qualifying score.

Position Surname First Name Best Score
1 Waters Peter 40
2 Hughes Norm 39
3 McLennan John 39
4 Smith Andrew 39
5 Maher Geoff 39
6 Brown Rod 39
7 Clemann Doug 38
8 Cathie Bruce 38
9 Maher Marea 38
10 Murchie Ian 37
11 Gray Coral 37
12 Hams Craig 37
13 Hutton Bruce 37
14 Gill Frank 37
15 Bear Karen 37
16 Wallace Denis 37
17 Edney Allan 36
18 Bear Colin 36
19 Baker Ian 35
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